Justin Bieber has gone full Bieber and has done even his own reputation by so many times over. Bieber is currently being processed and you can bet your life savings that this story will be developing all day today. UPDATE #2: And courtesy of the NBC6 Chopper, you can see the two Lambos involved in the incident parked outside the Miami Beach percent. UPDATE #3: The nightclub that Bieber was at was Set Nightclub where yu can see he was partying with model Chantal Jeffries (who was also in the car with him at the time of the arrest).

After spending $75,000 at KOD earlier this week and running around the city like ran sh*t and using Opa-Locka Police for escorts, Justin Bieber was arrested tis morning in the early hours after allegedly being under the influence (and failing  field sobriety test), driving with an expired license, and drag racing in a rented yellow Lamborghini against a red Lamborghini. Police say that he was going almost double the speed limit in 30-35mph zone and that he admitted to cops (when pulled over) that he was drinking and under prescription drugs.
Khalil Instagrammed the photo below moments before the alleged incident showing the yellow Lambo in question. Wallpaper images in the Justin Bieber club tagged: believe tour kiss swag photoshoot tattoo hot shirtless sexy instagram kidrauhl.

Wallpaper images in the Justin Bieber club tagged: justin bieber one time selena gomez disney baby drawing pencil.

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