This past week I got to work on a couple of pieces which challenged my mind and I had a blast doing them.
The image on the left is in fact two separate matching tattoos that I did on a mother and daughter. This piece is very much in it’s beginning stages but wanted to share the progress so far. This is a work in progress but I wanted to share it anyway as I’m really pleased with how its coming along. Something a little different for me but had so much fun designing and tattooing this piece for my clients upper arm.
Religious imagery has always been popular and I must admit, though not a religious person myself, I really do enjoy tattooing it whenever I get to. Having grown up watching the ninja turtles on tv made this request from a client pretty awesome! This piece still has more to come but I was really happy with how the gun came up so sharing the progress.
These were a challenge because of the size and placement but my client is so rad that it made it easier than I thought.
He eventually wants to get a full sleeve but for now he was only sure of wanting a red rose on his forearm. We had spoken on several occasions in the lead up to his appointment but I didn’t realise just how very meaningful the tattoo was for him nor the nerves he was carrying with him about getting it done. When I finished and he finally had a look at his arm I got a big hug and lots of thank yous and it made my day to know that I had given him the tattoo he’d always imagined. Both made me put aside my tendency to do photo realism and work together with my clients to give them the styles they were after, as long as I still felt confident doing the work.

It started with the just the shoulder piece which was a custom design revolving around her family and that was finished probably about a year ago.
I had a great little break over Christmas and New Year and I’m back at work now and feeling really excited, motivated and inspired for another year of art and tattoos These were a couple of the small pieces I got to do in my first week back that I had fun with. It was a simple custom piece that I ¬†drew up for them and it was great fun being a part of the experience with them! It was a new client who came to me with this idea of putting the face within the symbol and then gave me the freedom to find and use the imagery that I thought worked best together.
To add to the pressure it belongs to my better half, Bec, and it is her only tattoo We spent a lot of time discussing her ideas, I took tracings of the body areas that would be used and I did a lot of planning before we put anything on her skin. This new client was very patient after coming to see me about her ideas because I essentially had to spend quite some time researching and looking into the Art Nouveau style, which I had no experience with, before I could even start to design her tattoo. Before I started tattooing I always thought I’d hate tattooing in colour because the majority of my artwork has always been in graphite pencil but with experiences over the years, and because of my mentor at the studio who always pushed me to try everything before ruling anything out, I have come to love tattooing in colour just as much as in black and grey wash! I suppose as long as the clients are open minded and realistic about what needs to happen for a tattoo to be covered, it can be a really fun process designing a new piece for them. I love tattoos that have a uniqueness about them and would love to start getting more creative like this when designing. I love doing photo realism pieces as it means I get to go nuts putting in detail and this lizard had plenty of that!
It had its challenges because of the hip skin welting so much throughout but I worked carefully and he sat awesome for the whole thing. Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license.
He had waited over 20 years to get a wolf tattoo and I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel any added pressure because of it.

Hats off to her for being so patient because it took me a lot of time to wrap my head around it all and to feel confident to start it. Outlines and some bulk background colour are now on her arm and I’m super excited to see her again to continue work!
She had seen my work and trusted in it so I only sketched out the head and designed everything else directly onto her back until we were both happy. She really wanted to get it all done in one sitting and I’ll admit I didn’t know if it could be done but hats off to her because she sat for over 7 hours one night, after work, and we smashed it out together! I absolutely love doing photo realism and this was right up there with one of my favourites that I’ve been lucky enough to do. It centres around a red dragon which wraps right around the arm and I drew in splashes of water and scattered cherry blossoms to break it up where needed. When we eventually did start, she sat through about 7 hours of outlining to kick it off and now we have finally started to add colour.
I was so happy with how it turned out and I would love to have more clients who would book and sit through longer sessions. I absolutely cannot wait to see this arm finished and I have been putting in lots of extra hours to move it along as I’m hoping to finish it off at the Sydney Tattoo Expo this year. This piece will come together bit by bit, it will be full colour and it WILL look amazing when it’s done!

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