With the Befana out of the way, tradition has it that all the Holiday decorations should come down. Only just finished washing the Christmas holiday dishes and I can already feel a Carnival coming on!
Well with a ton of help from family, we have got through the cleaning and painting stage and I’m finally able to envision the finished studio. I have a bit of a soft spot for these girls, Miss A has been one of my kiddies at Gymbaroo and I photographed both Miss A and Miss I a couple of years back.

And Miss A is so classically beautiful, beautiful green eyes, a smatter of freckles across her sweet little nose and a beautiful nature to match.
And mustn’t forget the surprise addition of Uncle J who even wore Jingle bell reindeer antlers to help entertain the kids. I knew the potential, which is why we leased it, but it was difficult to imagine the final result when it was so run down!
All studio sessions will be done in the Rosanna studio, and outdoor sessions can be done in the beautiful Rosanna Parklands just down the road, or at my Greensborough locations.

I was struck when Miss I as a baby, had the most amazing blue eyes – they haven’t changed!

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