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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. If a plug and socket costume is too on the nose for your taste, mix it up with a literary couples costume. Literary Traveler was launched in March of 1998 by the husband and wife team of Francis and Linda McGovern. Examples from the Book: This can take the form of two to three short examples or one extended example.
After all, the couple that reads together, stays together — or at least has the same neurosis. Elizabeth and Darcy, Pride and Prejudice –Regency Era clothing isn’t hard to find, but this costume isn’t about the clothing, it’s about the attitude.
Gatsby and Daisy, The Great Gatsby – If the baggy drop waist dress isn’t your style, pick up one of those “sexy flapper” costumes at your local Party City. Estella, Pip & Miss Havisham, Great Expectations – This costume hinges on having a single friend with nothing better to do than don an old wedding dress and follow the two of you around wearing only one shoe.
Charlotte and Wilbur, Charlotte’s Webb – A pig and a spider costume are easy enough to find — but you will still get creativity points for combining the two.

If attending a party, stand by the punch bowl and insist you will begin socializing when your friend Godot arrives. Dracula and Mina Harker – Whenever anyone asks you if you are Bella and Edward, start a highbrow rant about the lasting impact of Bram Stoker on today’s generation. Daryl and Carol, The Walking Dead – Based on the series of graphic novels, I stand by this as a “literary” costume.
The Little Mermaid and the Prince —  While the Walt Disney version makes for an easy and fun costume, set yourself apart by trying the Hans Christian Andersen version. The Giving Tree and the Boy — Some think it’s a metaphor for selfless love, some think it’s a story of taking advantage (Did the boy really need a boat?)  Get a lot of green face paint and a toy saw and make the tree fetch all the drinks. We hope to bring you inspiring, informative articles about writers, creative artists, and the places that they lived and traveled. If you want to express your love of literature, show your bibliophile with a literary-inspired tattoo. Literature is ripe with romance and eccentricity, so ditch the old standby stock costumes and try these original alternatives. Clutch a handful of pearls and a soggy crumpled up piece of paper and mumble nonsensical gibberish.
Sure, I guess sticklers could argue that Daryl is a character created for the television show and therefore not applicable to this category – but no one in their right mind would ever dare say such a thing about Daryl. Meanwhile, purchase one of these handy green laser pointers and watch poor Gatsby follow it around all night like a lost puppy.  Also, find a designated driver.

Overcompensate by spelling out complimentary messages in pretzel sticks on the snack table when no one is looking. The literary tattoos can be inked equally well with designer backgrounds and colors like other tattoos.
Let the reader know the essay is at an end, and leave him or her with something to think about. While they offer a way to flaunt the fact that you have friends, they also add a layer of excitement to dressing up, a challenge to take your costume further and push the envelope a little bit more. Bonus points if you add a child to the mix.  Have them pop their head into the party for a moment and then disappear for the rest of the book evening. In today’s post I have compiled a list of 25 fantastic literary tattoos designs for your inspiration. Avoid the cheese plate and instead eat a raw carrot you’ve procured from your jacket pocket.
Attach a couple stuffed rodents to your belt and practice the brooding modesty that can only be achieved through the perfect combination of emotional unavailability and a complicated past.  For Carol, find a short grey wig, a fake weapon or two, and use your plastic knife to cut some sexual tension.

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