Additionally, we use a negative ion generator to help remove, from the operatory environment, ionic mercury that is liberated from the fillings during the removal process.
Up until recently the American Dental Association owned several patents on the formulation for the mercury amalgam filling components.
Due to a technicality the Dental Association has gotten around the approval process by saying that since the dentist is the final manufacturer of the material, taking place just prior to placement in the tooth of a patient. These can be measured and are used as an adjunct in determining the sequence of removal of the fillings. Crown- restores the cusps but resides at or below the gum line and can be a source of chronic irritation to the gums.
Veneer- a more generic term that describes usually a relatively thin ceramic piece made to overlay the front surface of a tooth leaving most of the solid tooth intact. We have a book available at the office for your further education, Solving the Puzzle of Mystery Syndromes by Mary Davis. At our office, we use clinical laboratory services from OralDNA Labs® to ensure we are giving our patients the best oral health information possible. For large amalgam removal treatments or for those individuals who are known to be Mercury toxic, we fully gown them and place a head bonnet for additional protection.
In freshman dental materials class, we learn that silver fillings expand three dimensionally over time.
Their origin is simple; the metallic ions are carried out of the silver containing mercury filling via a galvanic current and plated out into the tissue just as inexpensive jewelry is plated with gold or silver to make look nicer. These usually provide greater durability and a much higher level of fit. During the preparation of either of these types, a laser or ozone may be  used to sterilize the exposed cavity walls.

The above examples are primarily ceramic based however, at times a 98% gold alloy is used for the treatment when needed. OralDNA Labs® is a specialty diagnostics company designed to provide reliable, definitive and cost effective clinical tests that guide oral health professionals in detecting and prognosing disease at an earlier, more treatable stage. The moisture in the mouth inhibits bonding of the materials resulting in a weaker situation. In the mid 1800’s the Cracour brothers, dentists from France came to America with a new “filling” material for teeth.
It seems strange to me that they certify all of the other admixed products used in a dental office, mixed by the dentist at the time of use, but not the mercury. By definition a battery is formed when there are two or more dissimilar metals are in the presence of an electrolyte. Hal Huggins, a retired dentist from Colorado, has shown that it is more healthful or body friendly to remove the highest electronegative fillings first. This means that ions of copper, mercury, tin, zinc and silver are continually being released from the filling and are being driven into the body tissues; including the nerves, bone, blood and lymph producing a potentially toxic effect on cells. After the caries (decay) has been removed from the tooth, the exposed surface is conditioned with a combination solution of dilute phosphoric acid etchant and bonding agent. The profession for years has taught us that the mercury is bound up in the filling and it does not leak out. The flip side to this is while it is doing its sealing by enlarging inside the tooth it is also creating some very great forces on the internal aspect of the tooth. Mercury fillings have 5 elements present, some crowns also have 3-5, partial denture frameworks have at least 3, and a few more can also be found.

But some dentists opposed them on the grounds that Mercury should not be used in the body at all! Perhaps with the science of the day when it was first used that statement could stand because there was no way to refute it. You can see in the picture here there is a flow of energy being generated by the dissimilar metals present. These dentists tried to enforce this by having the members of the National Dental Association sign a pledge that they would not use this vile new mercury filling material for teeth. Today however, it has been conclusively shown that Mercury leaks out of the filling over time from the moment it is inserted! That is when you have a larger filling present, there will almost always follow a crown in the future. The tooth will fracture at its weakest area and that is located where we were taught to put in “retention” to help hold the filling. After the last layer has been applied, the surface is formed as needed, a coating is applied, to assure a complete cure of the surface, and the curing light is applied again. So it is out of this that the political structure of American dentistry and government exist today.

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