During a time when many societies were transitioning from nomadic lifestyles to more permanent village settlements, a long-lived man was given a special burial in a remote desert cave.
Placed around him were various personal objects carefully stained with blood red ochre, including a broken bow, a flint knife, a walking stick and a pair of leather sandals.
It was assumed that the man in question was a “warrior”, but the sword in the cave had a ceremonial purpose and it seems – once proper forensic examinations were done – that the man had delicate, not strong, muscles.
The presence of weapons inspired the moniker, “The Warrior”, but the other artifacts could indicate the roaming existence of a hunter.

Biblical rivals and twins Jacob and Esau also lived during a time of transition; Jacob was a “tent dweller” and herder, whereas Esau was a hunter and nomad. These conclusions have angered academics who have speculated that the bones belong to a “warrior”. For example, the new conclusions contradict the doctoral thesis of Hai Ashkenazi, of Tel Aviv University. Ashkenazi worked under Professor Yuval Goren who has made headlines recently – at least on my blog – for using bulldozers in archaeological digs here and here.

Warrior or shaman, our work has reignited a scientific investigation and literally put flesh on the face of a 6,000 year old man.

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