The first time that question was posed to me was in my pediatrician's office, just day's after my oldest child was born.
Later, eight years later, actually, my pediatrician still asks the same questions with every visit. I heard a report on NPR within the past year that some folks in Florida were trying to make a pediatrician's ability to ask that question illegal.
Yesterday, on my personal Facebook page, I posted a salute to teachers that basically gave them props for not only teaching our kids, but teaching them while dealing with every social ill our children deal with (poverty, drugs, hunger, abuse, negligent parenting, etc.).

I am all for live and let live and it is not until we listen to those who disagree with us that any progress is made or any middle ground can be found. Instead, each of us, right here and now, whatever way you feel about guns, let's make a pact to practice gun control at home. As for the other stuff, whether or not doctors should be allowed to enquire about guns in the home, or what leads an eleven year old boy to shoot to kill, well, those are things we can not address right here and now. This is Donna's Cancer Story, which appeared daily in serial format during the month of September, 2011 to recognize Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

The burden of bad public policy has left Chicago’s broad shoulders shrugging – here’s how to fix it. Low VA rates, an excellent resource for veterans, has utilized their design team to create this great info graphic that represents both sides of the argument.

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