Native Americans from across the nation taught West-coast wounded warriors how to overcome the lasting torments of war, with time-honored rituals and sacred traditions. Nearly 30 combat veterans participated in “Operation One Drum,” a 4-day workshop designed to alleviate combat stress. The honor and spirit given to the drum was explained to the combat veterans at Camp Pendleton and proved to be a vital core to the diverse workshop.
Wounded warriors also connected with Native American veterans through traditional Talking Circles. When Native American warriors first returned from battle, they were called to sit before the elders, said Eagleman, who is also a descendant from the Lakota and Sioux tribes. The wounded warriors were immersed in the Native American culture and heritage throughout the week-long workshop that concluded with a three-hour song and dance ceremony. During the final ceremony, the wounded warriors received the Native American Warrior’s Medal of Valor, a medal awarded on behalf of the 565 first nation tribes, said Tall Eagle. This watercolour of a Native American is the centrepiece of Neil's portfolio and he currently offering numbered limited edition prints of this painting. The famed Indian warrior Geronimo, a Chiricahua Apache, poses with a rifle in this 1887 photo. The legendary warrior was known for his ability to walk without leaving footprints, allowing him to evade thousands of Mexican and U.S. Statements of disapproval from tribal leaders, a call for President Barack Obama to apologize, and scores of angry comments on social network sites have surged since the issue came to light after bin Laden was killed. Thursday’s hearing was scheduled long before details about the Geronimo code name became public. Jeff Houser, chairman of Geronimo’s Fort Sill Apache Tribe, noted in a letter to Obama that the decision behind the code name stemmed from an ongoing cultural disconnect, not malice. The Seminole Tribe of Florida is still waiting to for an apology from Obama over a court brief filed earlier this year that compared the tribe’s ancestors to al-Qaida. The reason behind the name’s use in the bin Laden raid has been the subject of much speculation.
Some think it’s because the al-Qaida leader, like Geronimo, was able to elude capture for so many years.
Louis Maynahonah, a Navy veteran and chairman of the Apache Tribe of Oklahoma, said he doesn’t believe the code name was meant to be derogatory. Whatever the reason behind it, many in Indian Country say the code name was simply a bad choice that opened old wounds. Gali hopes the Senate committee presses for remedies, including an apology from the government.

Geronimo is a legend among Apaches and other tribes for the fierce fighting he brought on during the 19th century as he tried to protect his land, his people and their way of life from encroachment by U.S. After the families of Geronimo and other warriors were captured and sent to Florida, he and 35 warriors surrendered to Gen. Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson host Here & Now, a live two-hour production of NPR and WBUR Boston. Inside production plants, employees are subject to inhumane working conditions, like not being able to use the bathroom upon request. Amidst national discussion of transgender bathroom access, we examine how public bathrooms are designed. North America, circa 1831: Irishman Ross Cox had long braved his emigration to America and finally published Adventures on the Columbia River. The early explorer’s book is integral to our understanding of the era, and not just because it informs us on the infamous American Fur Company in which he was a prominent player. The Tolkotin Native Americans saw the relationship between life and death as a cyclical communion with nature, and their creation myths – a concept that astounded early explorers. A rising ground is selected [for the cremation], on which are laid a number of sticks, about seven feet long, of cypress, neatly split. In his book On Our Way: The Final Passage Through Life and Death, Robert Kastenbaum makes some pointed observations about the Tolkotin Native Americans, and what we can learn from their perception of cremation today. This entry was posted in Cultural Perspectives and tagged American, Burial, Columbia River, Cremation burial, Green Burial, Native American, Native Americans, Native Americans in the United States, Natural burial, Northwest Coast, Oregon, Traditions.
Today we are showcasing some Cool Native American tattoos where people have shown their love and respect for this country by getting inked different symbols of America on their bodies.
If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Jesus Tattoos, Dragon Tattoos, Tattoos For Girls, and Star Tattoos. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Enter your e-mail address to receive an update including hot, new designs when they hit the market! The Native American program is the first of its kind to be held on a military installation. These discussion groups require participants to pass an eagle feather amongst one another to designate the current speaker and allow veterans from every era to share their combat experiences. The elders would apologize to the warriors for having to do the things they had to do and see the things they saw. Senate Indian Affairs Committee didn’t know when it scheduled a hearing on racial stereotypes that members would have such an emotionally charged name to discuss.

However, the committee will address the matter, said Loretta Tuell, staff director and chief counsel for the committee. They say the code name is yet another insult in a long, tumultuous history with the federal government.
The Defense Department clarified the use of the Seminole reference, but it wasn’t enough for the tribe, Chairman Mitchell Cypress said in a letter to the president Wednesday.
He pointed to the name’s use as a paratrooper war cry and to the fleets of military aircraft named after Indian tribes, including the Apache helicopter. Throughout his observations of the “mysterious Northwest,” Cox’s book highlights the Tolkotin Native Americans of present-day Oregon, expressing his fascination in their rituals for the end of life and burial. During the nine days the [loved one] is laid out, the widow of the deceased is obliged to sleep along side it from sunset to sunrise, and from this custom there is no relaxation even during the hottest days of summer! It’s odd, writes Kastenbaum, that green cremation “still strikes people as being new, improper, profane, and dangerous” when “cremation has [had] solid credentials in history and the current scene.
There are manifold businesses playing their part in the growing movement for natural or “green” burials in the US and Europe, many of which embrace cremation burials.
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The ceremonial drums carry sacred meaning to many Native American tribes and were a keystone to several indigenous North American cultures. And then they gave them honor for putting the needs of the tribe above their own survival, added Eagleman.
Either way, some Native Americans say linking the legendary Apache warrior with the world’s most vilified terrorist is disrespectful. But the use of the Apache leader’s moniker as a code name for Osama bin Laden has appalled many Native Americans and drawn calls for an apology.
Cox was also unaware of what anthropologists and historians know today: that the Native cremation burials he observed were one of the most pervasive traditions amongst the otherwise diverse Native American tribes of the Northwest. The Tolkotin Native Americans had no access to formaldehyde or other eco-unfriendly elements – but they probably wouldn’t have wanted them anyways. America is a home to an array of global cities with key importance in finance, politics, and the global economy.
The cremation rituals for end of life and burial practices come down to one overarching goal for these Native Americans: that we respect the planet that has given us so much – especially in the way we choose to look at our own death, and dying process.

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