An unexpected endorsement of regulation came from individuals working in tattoo parlors, according to Monica Raymond, an epidemiologist in a county public health department in Washington State. However, Raymond and her colleagues acknowledged the presence of a small outlaw element in the business.
Teresa Hanbey, director of the Hepatitis C Outreach Project, argues that the whole process of tattooing has not been proven safe. Panther tattoos are some of the most well known tattoo symbols representing power and strength.

A recent CDC study of its ability to survive outside the body concluded, "Infectivity studies in a chimpanzee suggest that HCV may survive on environmental surfaces at room temperature at least 16 hours but not longer than 4 days. They are widely popular among both men and women both for their striking appearances as well as their symbolic meanings that are both deep and varied.
The potential for HCV to survive in the environment re-emphasizes the importance of cleaning and disinfection procedures, safe therapeutic injection practices, and harm damage only the patient, Hanbey points out.
Although panther tattoos were once mostly popular among gang members, inmates and sailors, they are now sported by people from all social backgrounds.

These large wild cats have been associated with a number of positive as ideas and qualities such as confidence, femininity, guardianship, beauty, agility, freedom, perseverance, leadership and grace. Among the most popular panther tattoo designs is the one in which the panther is shown in a crawling position.

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