Drake has never hidden the fact that he has love for the beautiful person Aailyah was, in fact he has sampled her and mentioned her since the beginning of his career.
What do you think about the fact that Aaliyah’s family (Blackground Records) seems to be moving forward without Tim and Missy?
Drake has made no secret of his Aaliyah-obsession, with open lettersopen letters on the anniversary of her death and back tattoos of her face. Missy Elliott remembers Aaliyah & Drake writes an open letter on Nine Year Anniversary. Yea it’s great to hear Aaliyah’s voice, but then here you go with this aggressive ass verse, come on son!
He stays on topic by saying what is on in his mind, since Aaliyah is asking the whole song to tell her what is going on so that she can help! It really does sound way more like a Drake track than an Aaliyah song… Infact it kinda just sounds like a remix 40 and Drake put together and threw that verse on there to get Drake on a song with Aaliyah.
You see this is the problem with posthumous albums being executed by family members who just want a check.
Just because Drake has probably spent more time jerking off over Aaliyah than anybody else doesn’t make him and his producer the right fit for the job. Get all 4 of them in there and we would probably see some magic… Maybe Drake and 40 could learn a thing or two about making real hits instead of this fast food shit we gt now a days.
U cant put a Rolls Royce grill (Aaliyah) on a 300 hemi C (Drake n 40) and convince ppl its a Rolls Royce (Aaliyah).
That Cassie song was produced by Timberland so u can also look at that as Timberland celebrating Aaliyah thru that.
Im just abit uneasy with this, I dont no if i buy this Drakes love 4 Aaliyah thing and the letters he writes.
TBH i think that blackground think that their cheque would be alot smaller if Tim n Missy were involved, wheras they knew that Drake with his stanimosity would do it for free maybe?
Manziel has been wearing Drake’s OVO gear for several months and called meeting the rapper the highlight of his offseason. The relationship goes two ways; Drake gave Manziel props for the way he handled SEC Media Day in August.
As far as we know, Manziel has two tattoos — the biblical one on his chest, and this OVO tattoo on his wrist.

We all know the town that Drake comes from, he reps it in nearly all of his songs, and for his latest tattoo he has decided to pay tribute to the 416 again. He already has the digits inked in his skin and Toronto’s CN Tower on his inner bicep, and keeps the tributes coming. Last week, an image of an LA woman with a huge Drake Tattoo inked across her forehead hit the net.
Vice Online recently caught up with the LA Tattoo artist who had the honors of inking the lady’s forehead up and he revealed that the lady was probably ‘on one’ when she came into the shop. Shares Tyga has confirmed that he and Kylie Jenner are broken up but admitted that he still loves her.
Shares Drake debut a shave face on Instagram last night and all of his female fans are loosing their minds. Shares Vybz Kartel is also a huge fan of Drake and is open to collaborate with the Canadian rapper.
Shares Seems Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuels bitter breakup is making its way back into the public eye. Trey SongzApril 2nd, 201450 cent drops visuals for "Smoke" featuring Trey Songz (produced by Dr. I like the song well enough and hearing new Aaliyah is great, but I do think Missy and Timbo should be STRONGLY involved. We have seen a bunch of posthumous work just shit on artists careers… Drake tattoo’s her face on his back, sang over some of her shit and has ballads dedicated to her and now he is the guy for the job?
I dont think that not wanting to put out Aaliyah’s unreleased audio or putting out Aaliyah duets or whatever is a measure of how much Timbaland and Missy love and miss their friend.
Realy bro, you aint even about that life you rap about to male money now you are sceemin to make money off Aaliyah.
Drizzy fans will find all of the latest news, hottest videos, music tracks, photos, Buy Summer Sixteen Tour Tickets and even downloads from and about the Top Canadian rapper who has made it huge in the music industry, and built a solid reputation with fans and other artists. When he returned to Twitter in April after a brief self-imposed ban, he did so by quoting Drake lyrics. In fact, Wright Thompson said in his ESPN The Magazine profile on Manziel that the quarterback’s mother cried after her son got the tattoo because the permanent ink did not represent Texas values.
Manziel also caused a controversy when he got at Longhorns tattoo, but that turned out to be a temporary one.

The new tattoo is very similar to the ink he already has, and that is yet another tattoo of the CN Tower on his arm. Now in an interesting twist Drake has done just as his fan had done previously, he went and got an Aaliyah tattoo on his back. Bookmark us and visit often, we are always adding new stories, sightings, and media about Drake so that fans have the latest and most up to date offerings possible. He also says he learned the most from Drake and felt he related most closely to the rapper during his tumultuous offseason. I can’t imagine what her reaction was to this tattoo, which further represents the new life Johnny Football has that distances himself from his family. Check out our website and you will be amazed at all of the Drake resources and information that you find.
I have a fan Of Aaliyahs music forever and he is just destoying what we have left about Aaliyah.
But it doesn’t compliment Aaliyah like a Timbo track or (gasp) even old R Kelly stuff. She would of never been a song with Drake nor with an artist rapping about what he was rapping. Just above the Aaliyah tattoo Drake has a songbird.A  Drake Body TattooDrake has 416 tattooed down his side. 416 is the area code for Toronto,which is Drakes hometown.Drake Arm TattooDrake has a tattoo of the CN Tower on his left bicep. This is to remind him of where he came from.Drake also has All Kinds tattooed on his Bicep.
And the reality is Aaliyah today over that 40 beat would be a hit and heard on every radio station so you can’t discredit.

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