From as far back as the days of ancient Greece, eagles have been seen as the embodiment of masculine Strength and Virility.
In 1782, it was incorporated into the US constitutional seal, but if Benjamin Franklin had his way, the turkey would've been the national bird instead of the Eagle.
Each artist and wearer adds his or her own unique flare to every tattoo design by incorporating symbols that have special meaning. Haida Eagle tattoos originate from the oldest Native American tribe in North America, the Haida, who live in British Columbia, Canada, and Alaska. In Native American culture, an eagle's feather represents Healing and Medicine; in fact, many of the tribal rituals incorporate its use. The Snake is one of the oldest creatures in mythology and is a representation of Sexual Passion, Temptation, Vindictiveness, and Vengefulness.
As the official insignia for the US Marine Corps, the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor tattoo design features three key elements that represent the Corps commitment to a higher cause. Choosing the right tattoo design can be difficult, but it's best to find symbols that speak to your personality or individual situation. Find Idea's, Discover Artists, your next tattoo, get inspired or browse our communities amazing collection! While it is most commonly associated with the United States, the Eagle as a cultural representation has been around for thousands of years.
The Greek god Zeus, known for his numerous trysts with mortal women, was often associated with the Eagle and the animal itself was usually depicted carrying the ultimate symbol of Zeus, a lightning bolt.

Its ability to soar high above the mountains while bathed in brilliant sunlight made them 'the great Messenger of the Gods'. Tribal tattoos have spiritual significance and represent the strong ties of the clan with the natural elements and their respective deities.
The Eagle in Haida culture is a representation of the Great Spirit and embodies Power, Spirituality, Wisdom, and Strength. It was eventually brought to Europe and Russia by Turkish traders and pilgrims during the Crusades, and adopted by the Orthodox Church. This tattoo design shows a bond to Nature, Native American heritage, and the spiritual elements. The talon symbolizes protection of the wearer from evil and the destruction of, and power over, evildoers. Snakes are also associated with poison and the Greek God of Medicine, Asclepius, which explains why it is the universal symbol for Medicine. The Globe symbolizes the US Navy's willingness to be of service to the world, the Eagle represents the United States, and the Anchor pays homage to the country's rich naval history.
An Eagle Eye tattoo represents Clarity, Bravery, Vision, and Focus, all of which are needed to see things beyond the obvious.
Native tribes on the plains believed that the Eagle was the earthly incarnation of the Thunderbird spirit, embodying thunder and lightning. The Eagle in these tattoos usually has a powerful presence which is used to infuse the design with elements of Power and Strength.

Haida Eagle tattoo designs are usually red or black and are a special type of Tribal Eagle tattoo.
The symbol spread like wildfire throughout Europe when many countries aligned themselves with the powerful Church.
By law, only members of recognized tribes are allowed to have an eagle's feather in their possession; anyone else caught with this rare item will do hard time and pay a hefty fine. These tattoos also have a spiritual element; a soaring eagle is believed to be a representation of the Ascension of Christ after his crucifixion. Today, it is incorporated into the official seals and flags of many European countries, including Albania, Armenia, Serbia, and Montenegro. An Eagle and Snake tattoo symbolizes the struggle between Wisdom and Passion, Morality and Vengeance. Eagle Wing tattoo designs are popular among people who have a need to be free and unrestrained. As such persons who are faced with extreme adversity and obstacles opt to get an Eagle Eye tattoo design since they identify with the bird's resilient spirit.

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