If you are thinking about having a word tattoo put on yourself- there are a few things you should consider.
The third most important thing to consider when you are choosing your word tattoo is the font. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Inspirational Tattoos, Short Quotes For Tattoos, Let It Be Tattoos and Tattoo Sayings. What better way to express that you are grateful than with an elegant ‘Gratitude’ tattoo inked in a stylish flowery font right on your arm?
For a loving partner this one word tattoo with a pet affectionate name is a beautiful way to express love.
This bold one word arm tattoo written in a stylish and angular shaded font seems to draw inspiration from Manga comics. This one word tattoo written inside a rolled-up scroll makes for an elegant tattoo for the upper back. Styled in an elegant traditional font in black ink this is a beautiful one word tattoo on the foot.
This single word tattoo on the arm is inked in black in a strong angular font for a rich impact. A short word can be expressed with a single letter inked on each of the four fingers of a hand as this tattoo design idea shows. This elegant pair of name tattoos perhaps celebrates the memory of a beautiful girl, with an intricate butterfly in one tattoo adding to the beauty of the design.
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Word tattoos are tattoo arts that are mainly comprised of words or phrases having some form of personal significance to the wearer.
You can choose from the word tattoo ideas presented above or create your own tattoo by taking inspiration from these.
If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Chinese Writing Tattoos, Believe Tattoos, Words For Tattoos and Ambigram Tattoos. Women are survivors and much more resilient than their male counterparts which is evident from the spirit of this tattoo. These are the premises on which a woman builds her relationships and that also happen to be the guiding words in her life. These three words, resting on the wrist in a vertical fashion, stand for the zeal of the new age woman to succeed in her every endeavor.

The woman believes in her inner feminine strength and has got a tattoo on the wrist to symbolize the same.
Separate and small letters forming a word on the shoulder of the girl who holds deep meaning for her.
The small and red playboy bunny symbol along with the word faith stands for the belief of the woman in her sensuality.
This tattoo created in dainty and cute font goes with the feminine nature and gives motivation and energy. This girl has got the name of her boyfriend along with a small red heart symbol that pulsates with her every beat. The strength of a woman is her family and this beautiful tattoo resting on the wrist stands for the same. Another woman with a family tattoo, etched on her ribs that is beautiful and oozes love and affection. The stars along with the German word which stands for dreamer signify the ambitious nature of the girl.
The large killer whale with the believe word points towards the great potential of the woman.
Etched on the wrist in clean and nice font with separate letters, the words symbolize the spirit of the women with which they carry on their lives. This pink believe tattoo with the symbolic ribbon is a tribute to the girl’s grandmother who died of breast cancer. The girl got this name from her best friend and as a mark of love got it tattooed on her back.
The memory of women is something to be marveled at and this tattoo points towards that quality. Woman with a word tattoo that looks charming due to the rare nature of the font and script.
For a woman it is important to be in sound health so that she can produce healthy offspring for the nation. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Perhaps it is the fact that unlike words written on paper your favorite word remains close to you right on your skin. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.

They are quite popular among people who want to create a style statement that is cool yet different. The fairer sex is known to be delicate, soft, kind, caring and millions of other tender traits are associated with her.
Even a single word can pack a huge amount of impact and deep meaning, which makes One Word Tattoos very popular. You can choose to do a word tattoo that illustrates the lines of a poem, a personal motto, an inspirational idea, or maybe even lines from the Bible. Since, they are close to their family and want to keep their folk happy, family is a recurring theme in such tattoos but all are not limited to this very subject only.
When you look at powerful tattoos consisting of just one word you get to step into the stories of the people who got the word tattooed.
Both English word tattoos as well as tattoos in other foreign languages are equally popular among tattoo lovers.
Even psychologists have been unsuccessful so far in unraveling the mystery that is called woman. The new age girls are going for enthusiastic and cool words that would act as an inspiration for them.
The choice of font, traditional and ornate, or simple and modern, can also add to the impact of a single word tattoo. Sometimes a word tattoo can also be accompanied by other shapes and designs such as floral prints and swirls.
Below, we have presented a collection of 35 word tattoos for girls that would help us to explore her in a better manner. A brief look at some One Word Tattoos gives you an idea of the creativity and original ideas that go into the art. You can experiment with the font styles, sizes and colors to create variations in your word tattoos. They are popular with both men and women and can be worn practically on any part of the body. Knowing her is a difficult task indeed but you can certainly get some glimpses into her inner self.

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