You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Whitetail Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) is one of the most commonly recognized animals in all of north america.
We use a variety of carriers, including USPS, FedEx, UPS & Spee-Dee Delivery, choosing each carrier based on the weight, dimensions and destination of your order. We pack and ship all of our items with a dedication to safe and secure transit, and over 40 years of taxidermy-shipping experience, utilizing innovative new ways to pack your order (box or crate), ensuring it arrives to you in the exact same conditon that it left our store. Grading each item based on it's overall characteristics helps assist clients by taking the guess work out of choosing the right quality taxidermy piece to meet their needs.
European Skull Mounts or Western Mounts are ever increasing in popularity due to their cost effectiveness compared to a traditional head mount. We offer a beautiful hardwood pedestal (only $15.00!) that attaches to the free hardwood plaque. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work.
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This skull has been professionally cleaned and is in very good overall condition with the full nose bones intact, earning our Excellentâ„¢ quality rating. The male whitetail deer is often referred to as a 'Buck" and can grow to 300 lbs producing antlers that are fully grown and shed once each year. We assign grades to each item based on our 40+ years of experience in the taxidermy industry. Processing European Skull Mounts or Western Skull Mounts using dermestidae beetles has advantages over boiling a skull. Our staff includes a self-employed cabinet maker who makes our free hardwood plaques for the European Skull Mounts.

It swivels to hold the European skull mount at a 45° angle either hanging on a wall or sitting on a table (as shown in the picture).
I thought it was so cool looking and I remember thinking to myself that the trophy would be really neat to have hanging on my wall. Begin by making a circle for the head and then draw the curled guidelines for the antlers, and the snout of the deer's skull. Using the facial guidelines you made in step one, start sketching out the shapes of the eyes first, and then color them in hollow.
Try to draw the other antler the very same way you did the first one and also try to keep them uniform looking. Clean up your deer skull drawing and then you can draw in the creepy skull face above the deer like you see here. If you chose to go ahead and draw in the silhouette of the human skull face, your drawing should look like the one you see here. From serious world class specimen collectors to first time buyers, we can help you find just the right item to meet your needs!The Specifications of each item, including dimensions and unique characteristics, are recorded on each GSC Card. Next, sketch in the crease between the eyes on the forehead like so for added definition and detail, and then draw the bony detailing along the muzzle of the deer skull. Start with the right one first, and here you can make them as large, or as small as you like. All applicable dimensions are included to help ensure this item will fit within your intended display space. The actual picture you see before you is very similar to the skull that was mounted high on the wall at the store that day.
Notice how the skull narrows out when you start drawing the muzzle part of the skull design.
Their habitat includes everything from the open prarie to deep forests, making them extremely adaptable to a variety of surroundings.

We also include other features such as horn and antler length (when applicable) as well as any other key attributes and descriptions to better identify each items unique characteristics. The only difference between the two deer skulls is the size of the antlers, and of course the design of the face. You will then end this step by drawing the oblong shaped nostril holes like so, and color them in as well.
Whitetail deer have a specialized stomach that allows them to eat plants, shoots and grasses as well as various mushrooms that are otherwise toxic to humans.
Of course you know I had to add my own personal touches to make the skull look even cooler and scarier. The well-defined eyes and brows make my deer skull pop off the page with excitement and terror. I love the way that the end concept came out, and if you are into skull designs, you will definitely get a kick out of this awesome tutorial based on drawing a deer skull. I have always wanted to make a cool version of this type of animal skull, and now I think I finally achieved my goal.
I hope you enjoy what you see here, and if you do, be sure to let others know that you think it’s awesome by leaving a comment, rating or both. I have to bounce out of here once again, but my presence will resurface tomorrow with more drawing fun.

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