Rihanna has shared her new tattoo on twitter, the tattoo is on Rihanna’s chest under her breasts, the tattoo is a tribute to her late grand mother she says. Rihanna shows off a fresh new bandaged tattoo under her baggy, midriff bearing shirt on Saturday (September 8) in London, England. Rihanna shocked her twitter followers when she posted a pic of the giant tattoo she got as a tribute to her grandmother.

Chris Brown recently got a crazy tattoo of his own — a woman who appears to be beaten on his neck! Has she lost her mind, as her fan suggests, or is she merely getting in touch with her inner goddess? Rihanna’s body is already full of cool and interesting tattoos, this is another addition to her collection.

She posted her new tattoo of the Goddess Isis she got inked under her boobs on her twitter on September 9.

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