As I was thinking about this today, I was reminiscing about my roommate at University who got a really bad tattoo on her ankle one night when she was out with her friends. I’ve included some pictures of bad tattoos below, but first I want to show you that tattoos can be beautiful.
You seem to confuse unattractive people for bad tattoos and pictures of pretty people for good tattoos.
I know I’ve been telling you since last summer that I am going to get my first tattoo, but I still haven’t done it yet.

Back then (in the late 90s), it wasn’t common practice to have tattoos removed and I remember she wore a band-aid over it every day to work so people wouldn’t see it. I want to do it so badly, but then I get freaked out when I think about how permanent it all is.
I promise you, when I finally get one, I’m going to video tape the whole experience so I can share it with you, not that you want to see that. Ya gotta figure that some of the inkings and ideas are the worst tattoos this side of Walmart!

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