This ancient people have been illustrated as uncommonly tall, with fair or yellow curly hair. Celtic and Irish folk tales and mythology also described this brave tribe as having these features.
Could it be that the word Celt was how the Greeks heard and understood the term Cruithneach or a derivative of it?
Roman historians wrote that the men were muscular, with painted or tattooed faces and bodies.

I guess we'll never know.The Celtic people might have arrived in Great Britain a little later than the Picts, who made up the Northern Scottish tribe that became their neighbors for a thousand years or so. Ancient burial sites also revealed evidence that most men and some women knew how to use dangerous weapons of war such as swords and spears.The Celts have also been characterized by foreign (non-Celt) historians as confident, fearsome and courageous in battle.
Their Latin name was given by Roman historians from the plural picti, which meant "the painted ones," indicating that they might have painted their faces and bodies, or might have sported tattoos. They were equally courageous and did not hesitate in joining their husbands, brothers and fathers in fighting battles.

This is probably why many politicians hired them as mercenaries in the manner that Dionysius of Sicily employed the Celts to do damage in Greece in 369-68 BCE.

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