La boutique Annamode ha dovuto a malincuore cessare l'attivita per cause non dipendenti dalla sua volonta ( mancato rinnovo della locazione di una parte dei locali ). Ringraziamo i nostri collaboratori e tutti i clienti che ci hanno permesso di vivere questa splendida avventura durata 50 anni.
We thank our employees and all customers who have allowed us to live this wonderful adventure lasted 50 years.
Almost all visitors to the Victoria Falls will be familiar with the daytime rainbows which adorn them, forming in the clouds of spray which rise up from the depths of the Falls - nature's finishing touches to a scene of already incredible beauty. Each month, for three nights over the full moon (see dates at end of post), the Falls are open late into the evening to allow visitors the chance to observe this rare natural phenomenon. A lunar rainbow is created as light is refracted by water particles in the spray from the Falls, relative to the position of the observer.

Whilst photographs of the lunar rainbow often show intense colours on a par with a daytime rainbow, the relatively poor night-time vision of humans sees only a paler version, with more subtle and enchanting colours.
Being a natural phenomenon the conditions which form a lunar rainbow vary according to the different factors involved. The quality of the moonbow also changes over the year, with periods of extreme low and high water being unfavourable to its formation either through too little, or too much, spray - making the full moon over the next few months some of the best to view this magical phenomena - just remember to take a torch to navigate the pathways! Plaque de cuisson en acier lamine au carbone de 6 mm d’epaisseur avec rebords de 5 cm de hauteur.
Car qualite professionnelle et design peuvent ne faire qu’un, choisissez la votre selon les couleurs de vos meubles de jardin ou selon votre couleur preferee. But how many are familiar with their nocturnal equivalent, the lunar rainbow, sometimes known as a moonbow?

It's the same process which forms a daytime rainbow, just with light from the moon instead of the sun. Clear cloudless skies are required for the moon's pale light to be strong enough to create a moonbow. Simogas incorpore toute une gamme de couleurs avec sa serie Rainbow, disponible en 6 couleurs: rouge, bleu, vert, orange, jaune et violet.

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