Elephant tattoos are not the most common choice for females but they carry a certain majestic feel and charm that only these towering tyrants can possess.
Elephant tattoos can be a very fun design and can even sometime have a spiritual meaning that is associated with many eastern religions. Women who do choose elephant tattoo designs generally seek out images that carry a majestic feel and special charm. If you look at the size of the species, elephant tattoo should be inked on the back of the body.
As world known elephant tattoos has a beauty and charm that makes some of the new specials.

Even if elephant tattoos are not the most popular deign for women it’s not because of their lack of personality or meaning, it’s just that they are all too often misunderstood.
Although elephant tattoos are not as popular as other tattoo designs they known to have deep, symbolic associations and have a sophistication and charm unlike any other. Some of the most aesthetically fascinating elephant tattoos functional design, but the image of the elephant probably stay about the same.
In India, the elephant is also represented as the deity Ganesh, one of the most popular deities in this tradition. There is also a Japanese version of Ganesha called Kangiten meaning Deva of Bliss and is often represented as an elephant with a male and female head embracing each other representing unity and balance between the masculine and feminine energies.

Element is such an animal that give you power and sense of stability, it becomes one of popular tattoo ideas for girls and women, of course, it’s also good choice for men. On this back the head of the elephant imposes a presence while the ears merge with the wings of a butterfly with soulful eyes. If you want to get an elephant tattoo, here is a collection I came across for your inspiration.

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