Rihanna is a sign of Pisces (small star symbols) tattooed on her right ear.Star sign tattoos are very popular among men and a woman, and it seems Rihanna wants to express their creative and expressive character through her tattoo. The date in roman numerals on her shoulder XI-IV-LXXXVI (11-04-86) which means the date is April 11, 86 NOT November 4, 86. This makes us question her motives – why would you have the birth date of your best friend in your body with such a visible and large tattoo!!?!?!On the other hand Rihanna is always accompanied by Melissa . The tattoo was initially intended to be a guitar, but gradually generated dragon claw style henna. However, Rihanna is not only passionate about music but also a very huge fans of tattoos as well.
As you all know that most tattoos Rihanna placed in a location that is not easy to explain to the public as the middle finger of the hip, and rib cage.Rihanna has this tattoo on his ribcage and emphasizes the waist . This time, she picked a rather large tattoo design featuring Egyptian goddess Isis, placed on her chest, under her bosoms.

The power source of the tattoo is normal with a little added effect it.Well Italic is not easily observed by others in the field and tattoos on her body. This tattoo is a symbol of the relationship between Chris Brown and Rihanna, and Chris also have the same type of tattoos like this.
Rihanna got a new tattoo that reads “Thug Life” in capital letters across her knuckles, and she certainly seems serious about her tribute to the late Tupac Shakur. Rihanna loves tattoos and her new thug life tat adds to an already impressive collection of ink the superstar has. The well-known rapper also had the words “thug life” inked across his stomach before he was killed in a drive-by shooting in 1996. According to one source, the term “thug life” represents the opposite of an individual having everything he or she needs to succeed.
Thug life is when you have nothing and you still succeed, having overcome all the obstacles to achieve your goals.

Rihanna has also recounted instances when, as a child, she was beaten by her drunken father. Rihanna posted additional pictures of her laying down on her stomach while Mahoney seemingly worked on a new tattoo on her lower back.
Pictures of Rihanna’s tattoo sesh show the superstar lounging while drinking a beer, seemingly unconcerned about adding what would be her 16th tattoo to her body. Unfortunately, Rihanna hasn’t yet posted pictures of the back tattoo, so we are waiting on the edge of our seats! I no he was in a crew called the OUTLAWS, perhaps you should edit your mistake as its very disrespectful, also Rihanna’ tattoo was pale pink NOT white!!

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