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Behind the ear tattoo placement suits well for a name tattoo design – check out in our gallery behind ear name tattoo ideas.
Little angel with sun in memory of grandpa, who lost his life due to negligence of a drunken driver.
An apple behind the ear representing a sequence from the story Genesis where Eve plucks the forbidden fruit from the tree. Amazingly detailed praying hands behind the ear paired with a beaded rosary necklace across collarbone. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites.
Demi Lovato’s turquoise piece behind her ear has pumped up the craze for the location all the more.

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Choose any design that you have desired for long and get it inked to get a head-turner style.
If you wish to find out what may look good on you, the list below can give you some great ideas. The tat was done in 2006 by a famous Brazilian artist who typically books three years in advance!
Lucky for Rihanna, the tattoo artist was in Tokyo at the same time as the pop star, so she took advantage of the good opportunity and didn’t even have to wait! According to Greek mythology, the universal symbol of the Pisces sun sign is two fish, which are commonly represented in a yin-yang style. The Chinese symbol of yin and yang is highly recognizable and represents the duality of all things.

All Rihanna’s tattoos have been either designed or hand-picked by Rihanna herself, and the Pisces sign tattoo is no exception. All of the singer’s many body tattoos represent an important aspect of her life and also reinforce how much Rihanna loves tattoos! It may also speak to the pop star’s rebellion and inner tensions, as the Pisces Zodiac sign is traditionally represented as two fish swimming in opposite directions. We do seem to learn more and more about Rihanna with each new tat she gets, so fans of the singer may want to check out pictures of Rihanna’s tattoos to see what other ink she has gotten in the past few years!

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