With some creative effort, though, MOM can be written so that when read upside down it is still MOM, instead of WOW. I attempted my first ambigram in 1982, after reading of the concept in a Scientific American article by Douglas R. A few years later, I stumbled on a copy of Scott Kim's excellent book on the subject of ambigrams, Inversions.
The ambigrams I create are mostly rotationally symmetric, reading the same upside down as right side up. Perhaps I should point out that rotationally symmetric ambigrams frequently are not just cases of making each letter look like its corresponding letter inverted, letter-by-letter. I usually begin the design phase of an ambigram by doodling a lot with pen and paper, sometimes for many minutes, more often for many hours over the course of days or weeks. Eventually, I take a design solution to the computer, where I can easily obtain absolute symmetry.
I usually start with a narrow line drawing of the phrase, built up out of straight lines and portions of ellipses and circles. Once I have a decent line drawing, I make a copy and slide it around over the original to see what various line widths might look like. Sometimes, for variety, I will design a nib footprint, for instance, an oval, rectangle, or circle.
Finally, I spend a good while just looking at the result in various magnifications, up close and far away, tweaking a pixel here and there, perhaps moving letters slightly together or apart, or up and down, to give the most readable result. The ambigram tattoos featured in this site look good on both men and women and can also be sported on a variety of colors. Ambigram tattoos are usually in the form of calligraphic writing that artists manage to squeeze in two different readings into the selfsame set of curves. Other ambigram figures may show supernatural beings and gothic images that spice up the ambigram tattoos illusion. But whatever the design ambigrams may be expressed, it requires a unique symmetry and imagination in creating a perfect illusion.  It becomes a true challenge for tattoo designers and artists to intrigue their followers of these one of a ambigram tattoos.
This time I had better luck, and quickly knocked out good versions of my surname, and names of several friends and family.
In ambigrams, often a part of one letter or parts of several letters will correspond to different parts of letters when viewed upside down. I write out the phrase and write it upside down and look for similarities, especially in the vertical strokes.

I use simple paint programs, originally the dear Apple MacPaint, and, of late, Microsoft Paint. I usually keep copies of the curves selected off to the side so that they can be reused in subsequent letters, giving a feeling that the letters all belong to the same family. I hardly ever use the built-in skew function because it is not precise enough, nor sensitive to maintaining symmetry. The illusion that ambigram tattoos generates a massive appeal to many tattoo enthusiasts and artists anywhere in the world.
There is a variety of scripts and fonts to choose from, all expressing a different kind of elegance and stylishness. Angels and devils are just some of the most common ambigram effects that are very popular among the youth. Rotational ambigrams are ambigram tattoos that present several words when placed in a fixed angle.  Mirror – image are designs that are read when reflected in a mirror. Men and women are continuously sporting for ambigram tattoos and still become fascinated with the illusion and message it conveys to everyone.
It was the name of a friend, and read Hui Yao Lin left to right, and Lin Hui Yao, Chinese-style surname first, when rotated 90 degrees and read vertically. I prefer to do ambigrams that are calligraphic, appearing to come naturally from a human hand. For instance, in this Richard ambigram, the Ric combination viewed upside down is the ard combination, with the inverted i making up part of the a and part of the r. While composing the line drawing of the phrase, I keep in mind that the final result will have broader strokes. An ambigram is a typographical design or figure that are be inverted, flipped or mirrored without changing its script or form in any orientation.
Ambigram tattoos may come in a single word to an entire phase depending on the bearer’s preference.
Its conflicting representation makes it very an intriguing and at the same time interesting concept.
It is also known as glass door ambigrams because it can be printed on glass doors in order to be read differently.
Many software-engineer friends suggest that I should write a computer program that does it, perhaps through successive morphing of the opposite ends of a phrase until the whole is done.
The middle letter or middle pair of letters of the phrase is frequently not where I find the center.

At this stage there is a lot of trial and error and speed makes the process more entertaining and productive. Sometimes a particular word can appear as a new word with a different meaning when seen from the opposite direction.
It creates an optical illusion that intrigues many tattoo design seekers because of its unique and imaginative form. Many people are amused when seeing ambigrams and enjoy reading the script over and over again. Usually, curved lines have to be smoothed a bit after skewing, a pixel removed here, a pixel added there. Ambigram tattoos can be of various types, such as reflective ambigrams, rotational ambigrams and 3-dimensional ambigrams. It keeps us in constant awe of how ambigramists create such an illusion of artistry and imagination.
It is created with a word possesses one or more symmetries when written in its natural state.  Figure – ground designs are ambigrams in which the spaces between the letters of a word form another word. I think there is just too much knowledge required about readability and what liberties can be taken when forming letters, for the current art of programming. However, the flipscript or the rotational ambigram tattoos are the most popular ones where a word or a phrase can be flipped in vertical or horizontal ways.
Ambigrams have also been featured in Angels and Demons, the bestselling novel written by Dan Brown. For your ambigram tattoo, you can choose words that are personally meaningful to you, or some of the generally popular ones. Similar to this is the space-filling although this is designed to fill in a 2-dimensional plane.
Spinonym, Fractal, 3D, perceptual shift, symbiotogram and multi- lingual are also some of the categories that may be created for an ambigram tattoos.

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