The dreamcatcher tattoos presented in this site are perfect for anyone who wishes to have sweet dreams, whether or not you have Native American lineage. Dream catcher tattoos are a unique division of the feather tattoo that has strong foundations in Native American culture.
According to Native American legends, dreamcatchers are sacred tools that could be used by one to have nice dreams and keep away bad or ominous ones. Good dreams are permitted to enter the web’s hole and bad dreams are caught between the netting.

Dreamcatchers come in diverse colors and patterns, and they can be adorned with the images of animals, birds, crystals, flowers, arrowheads, beads, and other symbols.
These tattoos are often worn by people who believe in the power of dreams, although the can be drawn on anyone who appreciates their unique beauty. The hoop serves as the primary frame for the web and is thought to symbolize the circle of life. They look quite magical and exotic to the eyes of the observer, and as such can be worn by both men and women.

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