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Since Lutetia’s soil was so rich, prosperous and its location was so strategic, it became an important point in the Gauls and Romans conflict for centuries before it ended in 52 BC won by the Romans. Paris has gone through a lot of politics changes from Julian, Emperor Constantine’s nephew, in 357, then invaded by Atilla the Hun, ruled by Merovingian kings, Carolingians, to the famous Louises kings. Paris will also always be known for its position against Henry IV together with the other member of Catholic League until Henry IV defeat Catholic League in 1590.
The year 1789 was one of most recognized years in history book because in that year, one important revolution took place, the French Revolution. Named as one of the greenest city in the world, Paris is also one of the most expensive cities to date. View Larger MapParis is also home to the largest business district in Europe and 33 big company’s headquarters. Content from the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph newspapers and video from Telegraph TV.

Famous for its Eiffel Tower and home to 12 million Paris citizens, this city of love is one of top holiday destinations located in France.
The first settlement in Paris was predicted to happen around 250 BC or over 2,000 years ago.
Spiritual wise, Paris maintained Christianity as its main religion for the majority of its history, proved by its endless Catholic landmarks scattered throughout the city which we can even see today. Despite its growing and promising status as the city of arts, sciences, and philosophy, Paris underwent a bankruptcy after it funded the Seven Years’ War and its involvement in America’s War of Independence.
With a 2000-year history stretched, there are about 3,800 historical monuments in Paris and four sites which are declared as UNESCO World Heritage sites.
There are approximately 42 million tourists visit the city, which makes it the most visited city in the world.
By then, the name of the place was definitely not Paris, but Lutetia, a Celtic name which means “a dwelling place in the middle of the waters.” The place was renamed as “Paris” only in 212 AD. In 212 AD, the name of the city was changed from Lutetia into Paris, after the name of its first inhabitants.

He was assassinated by a Catholic fanatic on May 14, 1610 after surviving 18 assassination attempts. After a disastrous harvest failure in 1788, things were out of control and riots broke to reach its peak on a very fateful day, 14 July 1789. Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe are two of the most iconic landmarks and inspired many novels and movies. With that number of population, the city was listed as the second largest city in Europe and third in the world.
One of its nicknames is “La Ville-Lumiere” which means “The City of Light,” referring to its role as the center of enlightenment and its beautiful arrays of street lighting.

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