Hummingbird tattoos are superb little feminine tattoos when accompanied by a mixture of vines and flowers across the lower back or speeding across the females lower stomach. Some people just enjoy wearing the little creatures, especially when a talented tattoo artist has adorned their body with a hummingbird tattoo masterpiece! Hummingbird tattoos in flight capture the classic image of the bird in a freeze frame shot in time.
Feeding hummingbird tattoos are great colorful patterns and will be very fun for you to design. Tribal hummingbird tattoos are a great design if you are looking for a nontraditional look.
Hummingbirds in small scale look great behind the ear or on the neck, hand, waist, ankle or feet.
Now that you are ready to think about perfect hummingbird tattoos added to your body check with your tattoo artist for any suggestions they may have to aid in the design of your tattoo. Like this hummingbird tattoo, I like when people use their tattoos to signify something very important in their life. Try a two dimensional view of the hummingbird with the head tilting down showing good throat, belly and tail detail. With so many tribal patterns for you to look at, you should have no problem finding the tribal hummingbird tattoos that are right for you. You will want to check the galleries for any new ideas or add-ons to help you finish off your hummingbird tattoos. Hummingbird tattoos are fantastic as they can easily be sized to fit any location you might want to get tattooed.

Hummingbirds are often characters in both Indian and Brazilian folktales so they can be mythical creatures as well. The small bird is well known for its grace and beauty.  Meanings reflected in hummingbird tattoos can be someone who lives life to the fullest or even accomplishment of a long complicated task.
Detail here will be in the wings in the bottom of its stroke with its back arched up and the tail tucked up under the body.
Try a tribal hummingbird in a razor tribal design but round off the bottom side of the razor to soften it up; it will look fantastic when finished. Flowers can be the normal red, yellow, and blue and so on, but try to challenge those colors with crimson red, electric blue, for a great vibrant look. Interestingly people who get hummingbird tattoos associate them with birth, intuition, and freedom. Some people say they see love ones lost in repeated visits by the same hummingbird over long periods of time.
Try a view of the hummingbird in flight in a two dimensional view as if it is right in front of your face. Tribal hummingbird tattoos look great in single dark ink or a combination of dark ink for the bottom of the bird and color for the top half.
It is almost as if this tattoo were symbolizing two names that were joined together in flight. No one can tell you there’s anything wrong with just a tattoo because it will always make sense to you.
Some people carry a dead hummingbird in a bag worn as a necklace which is said to attract and charm your desired person.

For a few hummingbird tattoos ideas you may try a single hummingbird in flight, a humming bird feeding, and hummingbird tattoos in tribal style. Good detail of the bill, eye, and throat with the wings in the down stoke will make a great tattoo you will want to show off. Do a little research for your hummingbird tattoo and come up with a design you can be proud of. Dragon lilies are also known throughout the world as a symbol of beauty, which is probably why this hummingbird tattoo is so beautiful. The humming bird itself is mostly green, while the feathers are a mix of blue, red, and pink. There is a tint of pinkish red on the side of the humming birds face, and the air coming off the hummingbirds wings are a teal color.
This is a masterful peace of art work, utilizing the beauty of the dragon lily with the harmony of the hummingbird. All of the colors mix wonderfully into a perfect pallet of color, and the design itself breaths beauty.

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