Last week, the Wall Street Journal published an article by Nina Teicholz called The Questionable Link Between Saturated Fat and Heart Disease. Another current client has lost 30 lbs since the beginning of the year even though he recently suffered a back injury that has prevented him from exercising for the past 6 weeks. I tell you these two quick stories because they are current examples of people who are seeing very tangible results from going back to eating in the way our grandparents were likely to eat.
If you’re still avoiding butter, bacon, lard and full-fat dairy you need to stop now. Use flax seed oil and fish oil as supplements so you can get a healthy amount of omega-3 fats. If you’re needing help with your weight, blood sugar or cholesterol you should check out the next Health For Life program starting May 20th. Lard can be obtained from any butcher counter or meat shop and it’s pretty inexpensive. Over the years I’ve shared countless tips and tidbits on everything from smoothies, to skin brushing, to how your emotions show up in your health. The fact that our society’s bias agains saturated fat was all based on bad science (and lots of marketing dollars from the food industry) is finally making it into the mainstream.
It lays out in the open how bad science in the 1950s led to the original recommendations to avoid saturated fat.

I have been sounding like a heretic for nearly 8 years while everyone preached counting calories and eating low fat. AND if you’re still buying canola, soy, corn and safflower oil, you need to toss those oils in the garbage. Saturated fat is very stable when exposed to heat and light so they’re the best fats to cook with. You can put flax seed oil in your smoothies and take a fish oil supplement – unless you eat sardines on a daily basis. Like my two clients above, you can improve your health every single day AND the best part is that you don’t have to follow ridiculous diets, eat low fat or feel deprived. It’s the program the two people above have been doing and changing their lives for the better.
Do I have to clarify the butter myself because that will be a big stumbling block for me on a regular basis? If you’d like to be in the loop, sign up to receive my newsletter and YouTube videos, which I send on a weekly (ish) basis. I’ve been telling people to eat butter, lard and coconut oil instead of margarine, canola, soy and corn oil. I also tell you their rough ages because the prevailing school of thought (even in the medical fields) is that things go downhill as we age.

Those liquid oils become highly toxic when you cook them because they oxidize quickly and and in turn become the greatest cell oxidizers we could consume. With that advice, among other things, many of my clients have brought their cholesterol values, weight and blood sugar into healthy ranges. She has also lost weight and is feeling more empowered than ever to keep getting healthier and healthier. He’s not counting calories or points, or eating low fat and instead eating real food, which includes eggs, red meat, butter, oils and co-called bad fatty foods.
Especially post-menopausal women are told that there’s not much they can do for their weight or health after a certain age. Lard would be the best, but you’ve probably been so brainwashed that you’re likely having a hard time imagining yourself cooking with lard!

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