Pain and other chronic shoulder problems may be caused by sitting at a tablet computer or touch-screen keyboard for extended periods, according to a new study.
Nineteen experienced users of touch-screen keyboards (10 men and nine women in their mid-20s) participated in the study. Orthopedists frequently treat patients who suffer shoulder pain and inflammation that results from overuse or injury. The most commonly diagnosed causes of shoulder inflammation are bursitis, tendonitis and tendon tears Irritation of muscles in the neck and posterior shoulder is called myofascial pain. Repetitive straining of the shoulders can cause inflammation of bursae, tiny sacs of fluid that reduce friction between muscles and bones within the shoulder blade.

Their findings were published in the November edition of Applied Ergonomics.The study concluded that using touch-screen or virtual keyboards entails less typing force and finger-muscle stress. The bony structures or soft tissues can deteriorate due to long-term, repetitive strain.The pain often happens only when making certain movements, though chronic and persistent discomfort also can occur.
Working with a tablet, on the other hand, requires holding the fingers in a suspended position above the computer to avoid accidentally pressing a key. Simple prophylactic measures like taking a 5 minute stretch break every hour can help avert this ailment. In other cases, orthopedists prescribe treatments ranging from physical therapy, acupuncture, oral medication, or surgery.

The pain can be severe enough to limit simple, everyday activities.Long-term deterioration can cause a tendon to split or tear.
A complete tear is the severing of a tendon into separate pieces, which usually detaches it from the bone.

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