Elves overall are slightly shorter than the average Human, Elves are also noticeably more slender and graceful, averaging between 5 to 6 feet and 95 to 135 pounds.
Elves do not sleep as most other creatures do, instead falling into a four-hour restful trance. Elves also do not age as other creatures, looking exactly as their 25-year-old selves until close to death.
These Elves live beneath the watery surfaces of many of the world's great seas, breathing as easily below water as their cousins do above water.
These winged Elves used to live in many of the mountain regions of the world, but these days they are almost extinct due to wars with Dragons and other mountain dwelling powers. This group of Elves was banished to the subterranean Underdark after the Kinslaying which divided the Elven races. These are originally Forest or Wood Elves that have the ability to change into wolves at will. I don't know much about these Elves aside from the fact that they left this planet for an extraplanar realm with the mysterious yet typically elven name SildA«yuir. Sun elves are primarily found upon the island of Evermeet and because of this, they are less common across the rest of FaerA»n. The most reclusive of all the elves, the wild elves pride themselves on their isolation and skill at keeping hidden.
Wood elves are a reclusive race, preferring to live in, obviously, woodlands and thick forests.

A fairly well known half-elf is of course our good friend Tanis, friend, ok that is not really the word, let's say acquaintance, to Raistlin Majere.
2007-05-12 [Acidburn]: IA?d like to say that another type of elves exist - Atalanteri, the fallen elves.
The reason why theyA?ve been expelled is simple - they are all blood-addict, they must drink blood of humans at least every four years.
Wood Elves, High Elves, Aquatic Elves, Light Elves, Dark Elves, Sun Elves, Moon Elves, Forest Elves, Savage Elves et cetera.
Males are slightly more muscular on average, there is little difference in height between the sexes, and neither sex grows facial hair. Consequently, Elves are unaffected by sleep-inducing spells and effects, and are able to remain active far longer than other races. But the categories used by Wizards in their Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance settings are the most common ones. Unlike true werewolves they keep their sanity and mind when they change and they do not change into unthinking killers therefor.
They typically have gray to silver hues of hair though some might sport ravenblack as well.
Races such as the cannibalistic Khanaraun (sub-race of the Drow) or the ghastly Ghost Elves.
Most of these are either Moon Elves -because there is so a damn lot of those- or through raids by or on the Elves.

Without the blood, they become weaker and they may also died - because in blood of humans are some essences which Atalanteri needs. Their features in general may be described as more angular and defined; including long, pointed ears and wide, almond-shaped eyes. They live in great cities under the Surface and are to most Surface dwellers as bad a sight as the very demons from the nine hells. Wood elves are considered by other elven subraces (particularly the austere sun elves) to be boisterous and hedonistic.
In the latter case one could think of the Drow, but also of the assaults of various Human groups on the Gold and Wood Elves.
They may attemper the human blood with blood from animals to extend the time of another drink. Most Elves have fair skin and dark hair, though this is no more true of all Elves than it is of Humans. But most of these are all sub-races that originated because groups of the basic race, one of the aforementioned ten, got separated and thus became the sub-race through generations of separation. This frequently extends to their clothing, which is luxurious and well-kept, though not to the point of impracticality.

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