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In the past garter belts had not elastic and had to be tied but the later versions had elastic.
Many women even now wear garters because it is considered alluring and the garter is an important part of the wedding ceremonies.In the olden days however this was more of a necessity and women would often tuck in some cash or alcohol or even a tiny gun called the derringer for their use and protection.
The thing about these tattoos is that it has been noted that most of these are tattooed above the knee, which was not how a garter was worn in the past. One that shows that she has looked at the charm of the ladies from the past and has decided to emulate one of them in her own way. This tattoo may not be the choice of every woman but you have to agree that it does add an extra dash of intrigue to the way you look at a woman when you know she has one of these garter tattoos tucked away.The gun tucked into the garter is an element that adds a dash of danger and adventure to the look.

If you want to keep the look completely feminine then softer colors with bows and frills is the way to go.
A garter belt or suspender belt goes around the waist and has straps down to the stockings . ReplyLeave a Reply Cancel replyComment Follow Us Tattoo Easily Copyright © 2016.

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