Henna is a plant that produces a very strong dye that is used for cosmetic purposes in North Africa, in the Arabian Peninsula and in Near and South Asia.
If you are looking for Henna Design in Melbourne, then we have earned the reputation of being the best Indian beauty parlor in Melbourne.
If you are having trouble finding the paste or the tube another place to get them other than online or an Indian market, go to the halal market!!!! You have seen the artistic paintings done on various parts of the body on people from different cultures and different walks of life.
Today I am bringing along a really nice and superb post for all the traditional yet stylish women out there.

I would love to try this myself but I can’t seem to find the powder or the tube anywhere. She has taken photos from established artists and many still have their copyright watermarks on them.
The work is subtle, but beautiful and it causes you to do a double take just to make sure that you can see the design. I have been posting some of the posts regarding mehndi designs previously; being appreciated by you I am encouraged to do more work on Henna Tattoo and come up with new and innovative mehndi designs. I guess even back then, many people just didn't like the idea of getting a permanent tattoo.

This is Henna, Henna tattoos have gained popularity here in the United States, but it is a practice that has been around for ages.

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