Though it remains a common and widespread species, the Small Copper declined throughout its range during the twentieth century. When you put small butterflies together you have the ability to make a very unique tattoo design.
You can't get much descent by wearing this kind of lovely and delicate feminine designs on your skin.
It's a good idea to decide what statement you want to make and what it says about you or who you are. You can choose a sequential line of butterflies in one line or a group where butterflies are flying in different direction.
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Commonly found on chalk or unimproved grassland, heathland, woodland clearings, waste ground and moorland.
We think both are beautiful and the number of girls is increasing who loves this kind of tattoo. By choosing small size of butterflies you are assuring a delicate and girly tattoo for yourself.
Everyone has different point of view but we think since it will cover your large part of your skin so you can't feel boring by this in less time. So, you should believe on this statement and choose a design which will match your emotions and personality. Small butterfly tattoos are a great idea to sport a tattoo for those who prefer a tiny and neat tattoo.

The Small Copper is usually seen in ones and twos, but in some years large numbers may be found at good sites. Here we give you a range of beautiful small butterfly tattoos to choose from and flaunt flirtatiously. Antennae and butterfly bodies are all embroidered in the same shiny metallic gold thread as the outline and wing definition. Males are territorial, often choosing a piece of bare ground or a stone on which to bask and await passing females.
They behave aggressively towards any passing insects, returning to the same spot when the chase is over.

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