Loose Skin is something we all fear when it comes to losing weight. In fact, many of us may already have it even before attempting our weight loss goals. Before we  jump to the conclusion that you are doomed by loose skin, we must first get clear about some of the facts.
2 years of appointments went by of having to take my cloths off in front of strange Doctors and practice nurses.
You may consider this picture quite hard at identifying a loose skin problem – I have to agree.
Note to reader: The experience I am about to share with you is a very rare incident that took place. All in all, my surgery did not improve my confidence, nor allow me to wear the types of clothing I truly wanted. However,  by the time I entered by early twenties, you will be astonished at what I was able to achieve through correct training and nutrition. I have responsibility, and because of this,  massive research and practical study is needed. The reason my body never changed before making the decisions to have surgery, was due to the fact I was uneducated in the areas of fitness, health and nutriton.
Having a little loose skin left over, a few scars and stretch marks left over is no big deal, when you know you have done the best you possibly can. Interesting post, however, I think surgery is going to be the answer for the majority of people.
Not only this, but the popularity of gastric band operations have given obese individuals new hope, allowing them to pursue a lifestyle they didn’t think possible. I’ve been able to make changes in my body that Doctors, personal trainers, and family thought would be impossible. In this article: How to tighten loose skin after weight loss, I will be sharing with a few facts about the issue and what you can do to improve your loose skin appearance. The most important thing for us to find out is, whether we are dealing with fat or genuine loose skin.
Unfortunately the appearance can look rather daunting to the eye, because  body fat cells are trapped under that skin.
If you have seen my last article on loose skin, you will notice the changes I have made in my appearance, which seem almost unbelievable – thats the power of weight lifting, diet and patience. The real goal for us now then, is to get down to low body fat percentages, so we can find truly identify what we are dealing with; loose skin or fat. If you follow these guidelines, then you will lose body fat and will  see your body for what it should naturally look like.
A site that I used for  working out my daily food requirements is at a website called: If It Fits Your Macros. If you put most effort into these exercises, then anything else you include is entirely up to you. Not a large amount of cardio is necessary, but it would be wise to include one session weekly into your workouts. Of course, this whole process is about time, but if you treat this process as a lifestyle instead of something you only temporarily involved in. You have the opportunity to receive this kind of in-depth support, by purchasing the: The Loose Skin Solution (ebook).
My personal story and guide on how I developed a 6-pack abs physique, even with a loose skin issue. Share your opinions on this post, or ask a personal question directly to me: contact me here or just write a comment below. I yet to find someone who is incapable of making incredible improvements with there body after surgery. I’m not sure if you’ll touch on this in the book, but how did you avoid the loose skin around the chest area? And congratulations on your amazing transformation, you look like a completely different person. I must say, there is a slight loose appearance of the chest area, which unfortunately couldn’t be avoided. For me, when it came to lifting weights, it was all about picking up what I felt I could manage, and then slowly increasing the weight as I went along.

Drew Manning went from fit to fat and then back to fit to demonstrate how to get back in shape when overweight.
In 2009, personal trainer Paul ‘PJ' James also decided to gain and then lose 90 pounds on purpose! Actor Taylor Lautner almost lost his role of Jacob Black after the first installment of the Twilight film saga because producers thought he was too boyish.
Whether it comes from  pregnancy, a genetic disadvantage or the result of carrying excess weight, it’s very important you know what to look for in these circumstances. And even worse,  not even your trusted Doctor can give you a clear answer, and are usually more quick to suggest going under the knife. I was told by my Doctors that It was loose skin, and that going under the knife was the only option. The prodding, poking and pulling of my skin, along with the pen marks and photographs are experiences I will never forget. However, this was what I looked like, and it seemed no matter how much I exercised and dieted, this appearance would not resolve. In fact, it is one of those stories that you think will never happen to you, and to be honest, it likely never will. My stomach began to fill-up like a balloon, and before I knew it, I was surrounded by doctors and nurses. A second trip to the theatre fixed me up, and awakening once again to see my family was a beautiful thing. Today, I’m now a weight loss coach, running my own company and helping others to accomplish their weight loss goals. If you feel it between your index finger and thumb, and does not resemble a thinness to likes of paper, then we are still dealing with a body fat issue. If I knew back then what I now know today, I wouldn’t had made the quick decisions to opt for surgery. I began to implement the right nutrition and training regime into my lifestyle, and the changes I made have been incredible.
You, too, can make a difference in your appearance, and if having loose skin is something you have been dealt with, I want to remind of what is possible. Yes, you will be advised to lift heavy weights, and you will be advised to supplement and change your diet a bit.
With the popularity of Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, podcasts, and other social media platforms, there is more inspiration to lead a healthier lifestyle than ever before. The more inspired people are getting to lose weight, the more effects of loose skin we are seeing. If you’ve lost weight and purchased new clothing, you probably become more aware of the possibility of loose skin there and then. My upper body was thin, but there was a fold in the lower abdomen making me out of proportion.
I’d lost a lot of weight, but I still had to wear larger size clothing than what I should have needed. The more you have genetically, the more your body will want to fill them. (This does not mean we are destined to be fat. Which is why previous individuals weighing over 600 pounds, who lose half of their weight tend to have a shocking after effect. Who is going to look better: The person who loses 200 pounds by lifting heavy weights with a high protein diet, all within a sensible time scale.
If we can hit these low levels by putting the effort in, you could finally live your dreams of the size you pictured of being, prior to the weight loss.
But if you got this far in your weight loss goals already, then it shouldn’t be much of an issue.
You will require a diet that is high in protein, low in fat, and with a moderate intake of carbohydrates – especially on training days. If you are committed to making the changes and getting the results, this stuff will become a lifestyle for you. You may want to consider going in depth, and finding out for yourself what results are possible. If you had loose skin and your body fat was at 10%, you would see those six-pack abs for certain, regardless of having loose or not.

But, if you do lift weights, and continue to do so after surgery, whilst taking care of your nutrition.
However, there certainly was improvements over the years through the use of heavy lifting, and getting down to lower body fat percentages. Lautner didn't need to be told twice: he hit the gym and quickly buffed up to the Taylor we know now.
You can do crunches day and night and never attain a trim waist line because you cannot spot reduce fat no matter how hard you try. I was pleased with the results so, but the appearance of my lower abdomen was quite a concern.
Hospitals are unsettling to say the very least, and I would always feel drained of walking in and out of them. I had needles sticking out of  my arms, and my heart rate dropped to less than 30 beats a minute. I lived with a muffin top figure for a few years after this, and had to deal with a lot of emotional issues regarding it. And I know that people out there, just like me, are making quick decisions about surgery, before truly taking their body to the next level with physical training and correct nutrition.
You look great though and I was very glad to read about the “loose skin” myth, because I was really thinking about that as well! Unless it feels paper thin, you can be almost certain you have some extra body fat to get rid of.
Or the person who does a lot of cardio, eats less calories without considering the right nutrition?
After all, I made significant changes in my body after being dealt with the loose skin card.
Or were they just referring to the actual surgery and how that won’t give you a six pack, but additional work will get you to there? You can absolutely hit those low fat digits, and reveal parts of your body you thought were never possible.
I have also been a consumer of skin creams, however, I couldn’t tell if they work 100%, but I never avoided them, so perhaps they had some contribution. According to him, it took four months of intensive work and more willpower than he thought he had to get back to his original weight. The perfect "real world" example is Stuart MacDonald and the body transformation that he achieved in "I Want to Look Like That Guy." Stuart went from a pudgy 44 inch waist to a shredded 27 inches in 6 months time. So hopefully by the end of this article, it will restore some confidence about the situation, and inspire you to help make changes. And before I knew anything about the issues of loose skin, I was already getting feedback from family members and friends that I had it. But I was committed to improving my body, and if surgery was the answer, then I was confident it would help. And if we have been working with the wrong plan, then today our job is to build ourselves back up. Remember, for every operation, there comes a nice paycheque for the professional doing it- you can’t always put trust in these people. If it feels thick and it has some weight to it, then it’s almost certain to be fat under the skin. I’ve still gotta live with the scars, and a slight lowering in my chest area which has changed much. They would still need to put in a lot of hard work, for a lot of years to come even close to the look of a body builder. Thirdly, we carbs will provide sustainable energy for your workouts and keep the metabolism working efficiently.

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