Small tattoo designs are popular amongst women because they look more delicate and feminine. Another reason for their popularity is that some women are not comfortable with big tattoos that cover the entire hand, or leg.
AnchorsAn anchor is used by sea vessels to connect them to the bottom of the sea so that they do not drift away.
Spot on: A tattoo of two, or three tiny flying birds on the back of the shoulder, or on the shoulder looks very appealing.
Spot on: The shoulder, or on the back of the shoulder is the perfect spot for portraying these tiny beauties. MoonThe moon that we see in the night-lit sky is a symbol of its own cyclic nature and stands for renewal, sensuality, and mysticism.
Spot on: Due to its deep meaning, a yin yang tattoo is best placed on the back part of the shoulder, or the nape of the neck.
Tattoo is not only a great way to express individuals but also a nice way to show union of friends or sisters. Sister tattoos are often cute matching tattoos to celebrate the relationship of love, kinship and eternal.
You be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground … And I will be the wing to keep your head in the clouds. When the tattoos are worn by two sisters, you know the meaning of of the double heart symbol.
The heart of the elder sister can only be turned off by the key of the younger sister, bonded with the bracelet on their wrists. The sister tattoos are featured with half Mandala circle tattooed on one sister and half on another, representing radial balance between the two sisters, their equal importance to each other.
The sister tattoo is featured with realistic feather and sister’s name bonded with infinity symbol. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. If there’s one person who overwhelmingly gets suggested for Moonlight Mascot, it would be Tom Hardy.

Such tattoos require minimum aftercare compared to big tattoos.There are many beautiful designs available in small tattoos. Talk to your tattoo artist in advance, and ask him about his comfort level and personal style. Used in tattoos, anchors generally represent strength, stability, safety, security, firmness, and hope.
Their beautiful colors and unique pattern make them the most amazing creatures of the world. A crown can even symbolize something as trivial as "daddy's princess." Crowns can also be used in their literal sense as symbols by groups, such as Kings, or Queens. They are the best way to express your love for someone, or your passion to be with them for an infinite amount of time. Thousands of years old, this symbol is believed to be the principle on which the world works. A pair of matching words, flying birds or other meaningful symbols could be their eternal bonds between the two sisters. If there is a large age difference between them, the pair of quotes are perfect for the sisters. I know him as ‘guy who got incredibly ripped to play Bane in Batman’ but you might know him as the guy on something else? Besides the ones presented below, other ideas include flowers, seahorses, feathers, and fairy tattoos as well. The tattoo bearer of a bird symbolizes the same, especially the tattoo of a flying bird(s). They are also used along with hearts and other symbols of luck to enhance their appeal and value. They also are known to represent grace, playfulness, intelligence, and during the olden times, power. Hearts are the carriers of emotions, and these tattoos can be used as a symbol to emphasize the power of a certain emotion in your life.
Originally a mathematical symbol, the infinity symbol has been used by people as a tattoo to symbolize their never-ending emotions.

It is also believed by few that the moon stands for the negative energy at night that is used by witches. If you are daring enough, you can get the name of your beloved, or some special word tattooed right above your breast. Where "yin" stands for all the material and earthy matters, "yang" stands for everything that is opposite of yin.
If you use quote tattoos, try to balance sentences, pay attention to antithetic parallelism and antithesis. In the long run of life, sisters are always the reliable source to get encourage, help and direction.
The identical sister tattoos here are representing their rich imagination and exception that they will think together. Some believe that a dolphin also symbolizes duality in nature as it lives in water but breathes the air outside.
The two opposites together symbolize how everything is necessary to make the world a complete place. We have some small tattoo designs lined up for you, which will enable you to make a choice.
But a pink bow tattoo is usually done in memory of somebody who has fought cancer, or someone who has lost the fight to cancer. A six-pointed star is a symbol of Judaism while a seven-pointed star symbolizes integration. Let’s look at those man features and discover why he deserves to be Moonlight Mascot. An eight-pointed star represents fullness while a nine-pointed star stands for stability in life.

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