I’ve realized over the past week that you can actually create a great meal using a slow cooker.
The next morning, I just placed them in the slow cooker, covered with barbeque sauce and cooked them on low for 6 hours. I basted these ribs with the remaining barbeque sauce and placed these babies under the broiler which gave them a nice, crusty, and sticky rib texture that I love. But he did state that these ribs passed the test for not being prepared on a charcoal grill or smoker.
I know this sounds dumb, but those are pork ribs, right?  I want some just like yours, so I need to be sure!
Hi Lisa, I just switched from Blogger to WordPress and I am in the process of updating all the recipes. On my favorite things page is a list of some of the kitchen electrics that I use and the sizes. Hot Wing Chicken FriesIf you're looking for a quick and easy meal in minutes you've come to the right place!
Chiropractic is a system of healthcare that release a serious form of stress from your body: the vertebrae subluxation complex (subluxations for short). Metaphors aside, this is a solid summer sandwich, just right for a weekend lunch or casual weeknight dinner and fairly easy to make, too.
So, next time you’re looking for something to cook on a lazy Sunday afternoon, consider making some homemade curry paste and look forward to reaping the rich culinary dividends of delicious Thai meals in the weeks that follow. This blog features recipes and techniques for making all sorts of food that people want, crave, and love.

I busted the ribs out of the pack and hit them on both sides with a moderate coat of the Pit Barrel Cooker Beef & Game Rub. Then I wrapped them in a double-layer of heavy duty foil with a little beer and cooked them on the grate (rods inserted) for an hour. Next I unwrapped them and cooked them on the grate for about 30 minutes while glazing them on each side with sauce. I'm with you John, I prefer a nice rack of beef ribs over pork ribs any day of the week. Anonymous - Long ago I abandoned low-n-slow cooking in favor of a hotter and faster approach (about 275*). While you grill the beef ribs, after removing the foil, do you put the lid on the PBC and only remove it when you want to brush on sauce, or, do you leave the lid off for the grilling step? Do yourself a favor this summer and try making these buns from scratch at least once.  I promise, your burgers will thank you.
Like I mentioned in my recipe for panang curry paste, a quick trip to the Asian market for a few hard to find ingredients and about an hour in the kitchen with your mortar and pestle will set you up for a good month of authentic Thai cooking at home. I'll take one good barbecued beef rib (OK, maybe two) over an entire rack of pork ribs any day. I let them sit at room temperature while I started the Pit Barrel with Kingsford® Original briquets (20 minutes).
Any new cooker requires getting used to, and that what happened with my early experience with the PBC. That works to give you a nice searing effect without worrying as much about scorching the ribs.

Last weekend I ran across some decent beef back ribs and I took the opportunity to spank them with the PBC love. I also took some across the street to my Texas-native neighbor and he said that they were "really good". As for charcoal I use a full load for longer cooks and I adjust accordingly for shorter cooks. If you like them better than the baby backs, there must be something to it.Nice post, John. From what I have seen, the pit barrel smoker runs hotter than that with the avg temp being around 275 or so. However, there are a few times each year where you can use the power of mass marketing to your advantage. The new baked porcelain-enamel coating along with the other design improvements take an already outstanding cooker to yet another level of excellence.
It just so happens that Valentines Day is one of those times, so I capitalized on it not once, but twice.
I found some decent ribs that weren't trimmed to oblivion (as they typically are) and at a price that was just this side of shoplifting.

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