Women go through plenty surgical procedures, some of them are necessary while others are optional. Many women, marked with a c-section scar can become very self-conscious especially when they need to wear a bathing suit. Tummy tucks are procedures wherein the extra skin and fat is removed to create a smother and firmer tummy.
The abdominal area of a woman is always a focus point, when it is scarred it results in inhibition, using an incredibly breath-taking design such as this outlines the hips gracefully and covers up the scar completely. The curvy design with two lotus flowers and rose buds is ultra feminine and transmits femininity, love and beauty.

The scar of a tummy tuck can be too obvious and unsightly; covering it up with a colorful bouquet of exotic flowers you would have no way to guess a scar was there on the first place! The colors used in this cover up tattoo bring out the best of the wearer’s skin color while paying homage to life and beauty. The most common types of surgeries that leave scars in the abdominal area are c-sections and tummy tucks.C-sections have increased over the last decades to a point where it is preferred over vaginal deliveries.
Using a tattoo to cover up the scar has the power to transform the scar into a piece of art that celebrates birth, life and femininity.
During a c-section one or more incisions are made through the mother’s abdomen and uterus in order to deliver one or more babies.

This procedure however can leave a visible and deep scar from side to side across the lower abdomen.

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