Who better than the recently very controversial Miley Cyrus to start our list of nose stud models? Even when surrounded by all that snow, a diamond-studded piece of jewelry will still stand out. If you wanna go for double nose piercings, then a nose ring nose stud combination is a great look to pull off. If you believe in the power of birthstones, then her sapphire nose stud would be perfect jewelry for those born in September. Unlike most jewelry, you don’t need to take off your nose piercing when you take a bath. There are a lot of nose rings out there that can bring out the color of your eyes, or any other body part that you want to get noticed.
There aren’t a lot of guys out there that can pull of a cute look with a nose piercing.
The proper kind of jewelry can greatly increase your look, especially if you want to look all down and gloomy.

Here’s a cool small silver nose accessory that lets you stand out from all the others. The great thing about getting pierced at a piercing shop is that you have lots of different jewelry to choose from.
Wearing a plain and simple overcoat will increase people’s attention to your face and its accessories. People will still get your down-to-earth style even if you have a shiny piece of jewelry on your nose. Don’t forget to call your loved ones and tell them about your new nose piercing as soon as you get it. If you are looking for a fashionable, yet simple and stylish accessory, then a silver spiral designed nose stud is perfect for you. Small silver nose studs look great when pierced on both sides of your nose; it will make you look more sophisticated. Among all the other body piercings that you can get, a nose piercing is one of the easiest to accept.

Depends on how you want others to see you, this one can be coined chic, yet cool and stylish. You can set the stage for love early on with this piece of silver cupid-struck heart nose jewelry.
From piercing trends, to piercing shops and piercing inspiration we try to educate and inspire YOU by sharing our passion.
You might think that the use of nose studs is only a few years old, but that is far from the truth.  Nose studs have been used in Indian culture for hundreds of years.
Well, no matter how tantalizing your eyes may be, a shiny piece of jewelry on your nostril will still divert attention from your eyes to your nose.

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