Pin up girl tattoo designs are very popular with both men and women, and are a great way to personalize your ink as you can choose from a wide variety of poses, outfits and themes. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A pin up girl is a woman whose physical attractiveness would tempt one to pin up a picture on the wall. The pin up girl became popular during the Second World War as a way to keep up the morale of men in the armed forces, and it was a natural progression to move from pinned up pictures of women to have them actually tattooed onto the body.

Depending on the position your pin up girl is in, your tattoo will look awesome on larger parts of the body such as your arm, leg or back, and including a pin up girl in a half-sleeve tattoo looks amazing.A great twist on a classic pin up tattoo design is to have a horror theme, by making your pin up girl a vampire, zombie, Frankenstein’s monster or any other scary character you can think of!
The pictures depicted attractive and alluring girls in short and sexy outfits in different poses.
Zombie pin up girls are a fun and fantastic idea, and you can choose a traditional theme such as waitress or soldier girl, and give them green, rotting skin, evil eyes and blood dripping from their mouths to make the perfect zombie. Popular choices for a pin up girl tattoo are Marylin Monroe, Betty Boop, Bettie Page, Betty Grable, Veronica and Betty from the Archie series, etc.

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