The last couple of years old school tattoos have been gaining popularity again, up to a point where we can call them trendy. There is a difference, though – the old school tattoos might be the same, but the feeling around them is different. Sailors and marines where the pioneers when it comes to Western tattooing, so it's not hard to see why anchors and boats appear so often in old school designs (Click here for more military tattoos).
The swallow is a sailor symbol and turns up in many old school designs, just like the eagle (Click here for more swallow tattoos). Pin up girls were models (like Betty Grable) who's photos and posters were very popular the first half of the 20th century.
Old school tattoos are usually simple in design, with a lot of black ink and little color because in the early years of tattoo art there wasn't a big choice of colored tattoo ink.
Sailor Jerry joined the navy when he was 19 and traveled around the world, getting his first tattoos and gaining exposure to the tattoo art of Southeast Asia. He opened his first tattoo parlor in Honolulu's Chinatown, a place where sailors gathered to drink, pay for women and get tattoos.
They also produce Sailor Jerry rum, based on the rum that sailors used to make on board of their ship. Winston Churchill, the famous English World War II politician, had an anchor tattoo on his arm.
George Clooney has a fake (temporary) old school star tattoo on his chest in the film From Dusk Till Dawn. It’s been more than 50 years since her death but up to this day Marilyn Monroe remains to be a symbol of beauty, elegance, glamor, and sex appeal. This candid portrait of Marilyn Monroe captures the late actress beauty and youth while the realistic rendering is sure to make heads turn towards its owner! For people are looking for something a little bit more enticing to the eyes, this tattoo piece is ideal for you as it is a perfect encapsulation of the many reasons why Marilyn Monroe was best known as a sex symbol.

If you’re looking for a more colorful, geometric, wacky, yet at the same time incredibly creative portrait of the beautiful Marilyn Monroe, try this. Beauty is not just rainbows, colors, and butterflies – sometimes it also complicated, dark, and sinister.
Rendered simply with just the right amount of shading to bring about the desired emotion from the art, this piece of portrait tattoo is indeed a masterpiece.
This is a creative yet slightly scary and bizarre tattoo of Marilyn Monroe, though we don’t doubt that there are a lot of people out there who would love to have this kind of tattoo. What makes this tattoo sexy and flirty is the traditional huge piece of pearl jewelry bitten by teeth with her wide lips.
This photo symbolizes Marilyn as the first woman to pose in playboy magazine, an all time fave pastime magazine for men. As a popular sex symbol throughout the century, women continue to praise Marilyn as the sexiest woman in the world.
The old school designs we see today are more colorful compared to the originals, thanks to the evolution of tattoo equipment. His tattoo designs are known all over the world and are in vogue again, thanks to the old school revival. The royalties to his tattoo flash are now owned by two of his students, Ed Hardy and Mike Malone. Started by girls that were into retro, like those from the rockabilly scene, the old school designs got more and more mainstream and thereby reviving the art of Sailor Jerry. Today, the name and legacy of Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jeane Mortenson in real life) continues not just through her movies and memoirs, but also through her image inked on the skin of her many creative fans.
Those eyes, the natural pouted lips, her face that capitalize as her natural assets plus her undying pose serves as an inspiration for gorgeous divas. Why not pay tribute to both giants of their field with this dazzling and colorful pop art portrait tattoo?

The mixing and matching of the colors are amazing while the tough of red on her lips pays tribute to the classic pinup look of the 50’s.
By combining different elements with this tattoo, you can definitely achieve a kind of beauty that is also fierce and edgy. You will receive lots of compliments from peers as it is a great artistic symbol of Marilyn Monroe. Her curvaceous body and the greyish and blackish hue colors incorporated in this tattoo make it appealing. This piece of art use a nude color to give natural body paint, yellow hair to depict a blonde color and brown ink for edges to emphasize the curves and sexiness of her body. Please share your comments if any and subscribe to the feed and get future articles delivered to your feed reader.
Old school tattoos never quite disappeared from view, but a few decades ago they did sort of fade into the background. Sailor tattoos are no longer the sole property of a certain subculture, like they used to be. The darker shades of ink support her mysteries and her classical popularity during her breakthrough career in 1951. The term ‘pin-up’ comes from the process of taking images from a magazine and pinning them to the wall, however nowadays it seems people are just as happy to have them tattooed to their body! Here are 30 of the best pin up girl tattoos!Click an image below to see the entire gallery. When image loads, click or slide (for mobile users) to view next imagePin Up SailorPin up and anchor combination.

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