The pretty magenta bloom is framed by intricate curvy motifs, in this foot tattoo for women.
Nice Creative Plumeria Tattoo i like these tattoo they are so cool looking one i like these tattoo too much. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Since there is a quite a rich variety present in the art forms that have flowers as the theme; women are free to choose and select from varied species. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Sun And Moon Tattoos, Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoos, Short Tattoo Quotes and Zombie Tattoos. Graceful dark and grey tattoo sitting on the foot of the woman symbolizes her own self and her two best friends.
Entwined with a rosary, this rose tattoo symbolizes the wearer’s love for religion and Jesus. The names of the wearer’s children have been carved along with the flowers to signify her love and affection. Symbol of grief and mourning; the woman got the tattoo in loving memory of her grandfather as he loved roses.
Take a look at the back of the girl who has been adorned with red roses, other flowers and leaves to create an eye-catching art piece. Elegant and sober looking flower tattoo graces the side of the woman that she got carved in loving memory of her lover. The bright flower, dragonfly and the tribal design together look very alluring and signify the wearer’s metamorphosis into a better person over the years. White and dark flowers, etched on the curvaceous side of the woman present a beautiful and charming portrait to the eyes. The bright orange and pink flowers carved along with a green butterfly symbolizes the attachment of the girl to her family members.

The girl got this flower tattoo on her side in loving memory of her father that looks quite pretty. Super sweet flowers carved in pair looks very admirable and symbolizes the love life of the wearer. The red and yellow flowers tucked on to the gray vine look very neat and the woman got them carved as a token of love for her children. This flower tattoo serves as a memorial for the girl’s soldier boyfriend who died on the war front.
The two large flowers look very gorgeous sitting on the leg of the wearer look very feminine. Symbol of impermanent nature of life; this back tattoo looks quite picturesque and eye-catching. Bright, beautiful flowers carved on the back of the girl look quite magnetic, presenting a charming portrait to the eyes. Symbol of vivid beauty and liveliness; the flower tattoo looks very classic as it graces the upper back of the woman.
First tattoo of the woman; she got them to express her tribute to her family members and each flower represents one of them.
Lovely flower tattoo that the wearer got on her body to express her tribute to her friend who died of leukemia. Symbolizing wisdom and tranquility; the lotus tattoo looks very alluring as it sits on the foot of the woman. Luscious flower tattoo carved on the side of the back in the form of a long trail stands for the family of the four. The lily flower is a symbol of love and union and this is why the girl got it done as tattoo to express her blooming married life. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.

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This is why men and women can be seen sporting tattoos that are symbolic of their taste and personality.
Each flower holds different symbolic meaning and the tattoo also brings with it the particular meaning. The petals come in a wide range of colors and shades, making plumeria tattoos quite popular. Talking about the bigger picture; there is a very marked distinction in the tattoos that find favor with the twin genders. Many tattoos feature a single flower and two leaves, or a combination of three differently colored flowers. Flower tattoos for women are very popular and adorn the various body parts of the fairer sex in classic style. Here we have presented a collection of 25 photos that show flower tattoos of different designs gracing the body parts of women. The upper thigh is a great location for sensuous tattoo designs featuring five petal flowers and butterflies. A plumeria tattoo can be framed with tribal design curves to create a sexy lower back tattoo for women.

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