In December 2011, controversy resulted in Pakistan over a nude image of Malik on the cover of FHM magazine India edition in which she had "ISI" written on her upper arm -- the initials of Pakistan's controversial Inter-Services Intelligence spy agency. Victoria Nika Zdrok, born March 3, 1973 is a actress, author, and model of Ukrainian origin. In January 2001, her ex-husband, Alexander Zdrok, sued her for monetary damages under their 1996 divorce property settlement, in which Victoria agreed to pay Alexander 15% of earnings from her work for the next decade.
In March 2004, after Zdrok was named Penthouse Pet of the Year, Alexander Zdrok again sued to overturn the most recent settlement. On December 12, 2009 Victoria admitted that she married Alexander Zdrok primarily with the intention to get a Green Card. Zdrok has performed in adult films, including such as Lesbians in Lust, Assturbators 2, and The Best of Victoria Zdrok.

Pakistani Model turned actress Veena Malik has been hogging the limelight for some or the other reasons. Victoria claimed the settlement was invalid, and sought to seal the trial, but the court declined to do so.
Afterwards, her ex-husbanda€™s lawyer, Elliot Goldberg, expressed disappointment over not being able to reveal intimate details about Victoria Zdrok.
Judge Carroll Cody chastised him for filing the suit, but also said that while she did not consider Victoria Zdrok entirely truthful, there was no evidence that she would have known that she was going to receive $100,000 at the time of the settlement. Zdrok is currently the official spokesperson in a late night infomercial for Extamax, a male enhancement pill. She is also known for her various social causes, more importantly for being a representative of the World Health Organization.

In June 2002 she became Penthouse magazine's Pet of the Month, later being chosen as their 2004 Penthouse Pet of the Year. In an interview, Zdrok claimed she would have been selected Playmate of the Year over Julie Lynn Cialini except for false rumors Zdrok said were circulated about her.
She is the second centerfold, after Linn Thomas, to be both a Playboy Playmate and a Penthouse Pet. Zdrok is a star of adult porn videos, a non-practicing attorney, a clinical psychologist and sex therapist.

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