Garnishing the venue with different whimsical deets, this is what I call a sweet pastel-y dreamland. Their wonderfully styled tables were embellished with different carnival rides – an adorable miniature carousel and Ferris wheel. Different entertainment, game booths and food carts wonderfully injected the authentic and timeless charm of carnival ambiance to Tifa’s party. DIY Printable Invitations Little Man Mustache Birthday - Printable Custom Invite - Moustache Party Package. Last October, I was very fortunate to share with you Tifa’s Japanese inspired christening celebration (here).

I hope you dont mind but… Is it okay to ask you if you still hae aldino’s number?
I really like the setup, I am thinking to have this location for my son’s first birthday party.
Paint a clothes pin, add googly eyes and pipe cleaner antenna, put jelly beans in a clear sandwich bag and clip the clothes pin in the middle. This time around, this little miss is going to grace this blog once again with her delightful first birthday bash. Nothing brings more excitement than a carnival and Party Magic captured every happy vibes while adding a fun girly spin to this all-time favorite theme.

Using the sweetest hues of cotton candy color palette, Tifa’s Dainty Carnival themed party is simply cute-astic!
Just so you know, Krissy of Little People Lifestyle Photography stunningly captured all the odds and ends of Tifa’s dreamy par-tay for us to love!

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