First of all, I want to wish all the MCLers out there a very Merry Christmas and hope everyone has a safe and memorable Christmas.
Another memory, actually it’s from seeing old pictures from Christmas morning, was seeing a picture of me still in my pajamas waving my arms up in the air on Christmas morning in front of the Christmas tree with tons of presents in front of it.  Such happy times! I remember the Christmas that Santa brought me my Hot Wheels set.  I spent the whole day setting up the orange tracks and playing with my Hot Wheel cars over and over again.  That was one of my best presents ever! My earliest memory of Christmas was waking up Christmas morning and seeing a bicycle by the Christmas tree. My Mom always wrapped 12 gifts for each of us, labeled them from Santa and put them under the tree.
I don’t remember what age I was but when I got up Christmas morning there was a train setup around the christmas tree. Hope Santa brings everyone good gifts this Christmas… Merry Christmas to everyone… and to all GOOD HEALTH!!!
The best presents I remember as a kid would have to be an erector set, Winchester rifle with the two piece bullets, slot cars and track, bike and chemistry set.

I remember getting lots of presents (mostly cookies and candies) and money when we were newspaper boys. At work, we would adopt a senior citizen who had no family and made sure that she had her essential needs and supplies taken care of and she had something for Xmas.
Just finished watching a movie on DVD, WARRIOR, a MMA (mixed martial arts) movie, lots of action. Another memory for me is going to the Kam Shopping Center Longs Drugs during the holiday season.
The reason for this was every Sunday morning when he dropped off the papers to us, his breath reeked of alchohol. But since I was sick and barfing, the smell of Brute takes me back to the days of innocence and naivete. De un tiempo para aca se han hecho hasta programas de television en donde tatuajes horribles han sido recuperados por tatuadores que realmente saben lo que estan haciendo. Entre los tatuajes mas feos siempre estan las de letras chinas que las personas por no hacer la investigacion previa necesaria terminan haciendose tatuajes con significados que nada tenian que ver con su intencion inicial.

Es super importante saber de donde vienen estos caracteres chinos y cual es su verdadero significado antes de hacerse un tatuaje permanente. Es por eso que hoy compartimos algunos de los sitios y las imagenes en donde puedes encontrar las mejores letras chinas y su significado para que puedas llevarlo al tatuador y hacerte algo muy bueno. I ALSO ASK TO PLEASE RESPECT THE WEARERS OF THESE TATTOOS IN THE PHOTOS AND DO NOT DIRECTLY COPY THEM AS EACH TATTOO DESIGN IS PERSONAL TO THE WEARER. These days, I won’t even tell a coworker Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, or anything else, for fear of offending someone that might not celebrate the same holidays, and for fear of getting into trouble with HR.
Para ver los significados que estan en las imagenes de este post debe agrandarla, ya que tiene una excelente resolucion. The company canceled the Summer bbq which, from what I’ve been told, features only hot dogs and soda.

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