Portrait tattoos are especially common among people who want to dedicated their feelings, love and emotions to people close to their heart.
Given below are some fresh tattoo ideas picture we have compiled after researching and finding these beautiful images for hours.
Check out this amazingly creative head portrait tattoo, it looks great but painful I’m sure!
Popularity of tattoos in western and European countries was always there, but with time it has also progressed all over the world and these days tattoo art has become a an emerging trend in South Asian countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Bangkok and many others. There is no shortage for inspiration when it comes to finding creative and unique tattoo ideas because the web is full of images, mock-up art work and illustrations for tattoos that people can easily use to customize with their personal touch. Ideas for tattoos can be anything, but a great idea is one that inspire people and conveys a message. If you’re looking for an interesting idea for your first or next tattoo design, below mentioned ideas will surely help you make your mind. Nautical Star Tattoos – One of the most popular one because people relate to it with different meanings and messages. Bluebirds, Sparrow and Swallow Tattoos – They have been in existence since British time and generally people relate them with sailors. Dragon Tattoo Ideas – Dragon tattoos are preferred by men who want to portray their personalities in an aggressive manner because it depicts determination, power, strength, strong will power and wisdom. Sanskrit, Latin, Script and Letter Tattoos – Mythical phrases and meaningful sayings written in Sanskrit, Arabic or Latin Script fonts is a wonderful idea for men and women who wants to convey their thoughtful messages. Portrait tattoos are an interesting form of body art as they feature beautiful portraits of people that not only look good but hold immense personal significance for the wearer. Fashion statement, or perhaps their love for body art, but it’s a fact that majority of people who get inked are influenced by eye catching tattoo designs they see on other people’s bodies.

Well, the reason for getting inked could be anything, but one should carefully plan and research the design because it is going to be on your body till your last breath, unless you remove it with laser treatment. History of tattoo art shows that earlier only those men used to have tattoos who were rebels, prisoners, hard-rock musicians, sailors and fighters. While researching for this post I found this thoughtful tattoo idea that can be used by both men and women, that design of this tattoo is a feather and at the top of it there are small flying birds coming out of the feather.
For instance, we see celebrities with tattoos; they all have some meaning hidden behind their tattoos. It is usually a design that is drawn in pairs and people usually have them on their forearms, shoulders ankle and on elbows.
It’s a belief amongst sailors that a new sailor would get a bluebird tattooed on his right chest after completing his first journey of 5000 miles. The best body parts to have them inked on are back of shoulders, forearms and side part of lower back. They are not flashy, fancy or colorful designs, but are perfect for people with serene personalities.
However, more than 60% people get tattooed to convey their messages when something dramatic, tragic, or good happens in their life such as falling in love, new relationship, death of their loved ones, child birth or break-up of a relationship. So, brainstorm your ideas and give it some serious thoughts before you decide on your tattoo design.
It generally takes a lot of effort and time to find the right design; therefore to make it easier for our readers we have showcased them here. However, things have changed and nowadays tattoos are considered as one of the most popular style statements in fashion world. This idea conveys the message of a person’s life and experience he or she has had and how they passed every hurdle in their way of struggle.

They are generally inked in single dark color, but it can be customized with multiple shades according to your preference. And after returning back on the home part he would get another bird tattooed on his left chest.
For many people, these tattoos serve as a sign of memorial for a loved one who has passed away. These ideas are unique in styles and include some of the finest work of professional tattoo artist from all over the world. One of her tattoo on her right arm in Arabic language says “Determination” and then you see a tattoo on her shoulder in Gothic font says “Know Your Rights” which is a song of her favorite singer. It mainly represents North Star but these days people have them to show their love for home and roots.
Some may also opt for these tattoos in order to show love and respect for a lover, a friend or one’s children. Just like that Justin Bieber also recently got himself inked with a beautiful owl tattoo, which is a symbol of luck. A tattoo design featuring the head shot of an individual is the most common form of portrait tattoo. The tattoo may also contain other details such as the name of the person portrayed in the design, the date of birth or the date of death. Other symbols that can be added to these tattoos include winged angels, praying hands or a cross.

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