We are pleased to present our very own prayer pictures, our own creations which serve to illustrate and visually enhance the beauty of many famous and beloved prayers and Bible verses.
To prepare this art work, we chose inspiring photographs to go along with these wonderful sayings from the Psalms, Gospels of the various disciples, and also from the Essene Gospels of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Lord I come to you with graditude and fear Not rated yetOh lord thank you for all your blessings.
I have been injured at work and have unable to work for 2 months, …Click here to write your own. This is so true my boyfriend has the strong arms he has a sexy face and his hair curls a little bit and his eyes do shine like stars and they are so pretty and im so inlove with him.

Bless her lord because she’s my girl!my life my soul my breath my heartbeat my wife my everything!!! I Love this because im going to give this to my boyfriend and then he will know where his mind should be and his hands if he want to keep them. I will be faithful knowing that You are faithful, and that You have a good plan in store for me. I ask for Your strength to stand strong, knowing that with You, I will walk through every adversity.
Lol and I’m thinkin bout tellin him this weekened oR somethin I’m not suRe yet!

Also I need whoever wrote this to write another one cause my boyfriend loved the first one you made. Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. If so please share in the comments field below and we’ll see what our readers like most.

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