This unit will work with most brands of tattoo printer paper, commonly known as stencil paper. We are able to ship to Lebanon-Beirut but you will need to contact our support staff for a quotation as the shipping to that area is quite expensive. I see you are sold out of the thermal express printers…When will you be getting in a new supply?
They are pending a re-design and our goal is to get the new model out before Christmas time.
Sorry but we are still having trouble with the design process and the Thermal Express has been put on the back burner currently.
Hello Joe, the new design is still a work in process, we do apologize for the delay but there are quite a few quirks to work out to ensure a better performing unit.

Warranty for all of our products are covered by the Hildbrandt Comprehensive Warranty that is stated on the certificates that come with our products. Simply remove the rice paper that divides the carbon backing with the wax sheet, place the paper into the copier, put in your original, hit the start button and you’ll have your copy on stencil paper in a flash.
Some stencil copiers does have the function to resize a drawing, but it may not be that accurate. I do apologize but the stencil printer we previously had is now discontinued, so we will not be restocking on this any more. The most important thing with any thermal copier is to allow the unit sufficient time to warm up.
Your best bet would be to scan your drawing onto a computer and resize it on your computer before printing it.

It all started with an idea that came to Pierre Emm, a young student in France, while riding his bike on the way to design school.
Now, with the Hildbrandt Thermal Express, you can get the design onto skin in no time and with much less effort!
If the image you want to copy is not of this variety, you can try to scan it and use a photo editor to adjust the brightness and contrast to make the lines and tones darker.

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