If you want to decorate your baby's nursery or kids room and you are a DIY lover then you will surely like to use these free printable baby room wall stencils that I am offering on this page.
Paint stars on the walls of your kid's room or baby's nursery using this stencil image featuring big and small stars.
This is stencil of a cute baby bird and you can add some more to it by pasting a plastic eye to it after painting the main image. This stencil of a happy baby elephant can be used to paint anything that belongs to your kid.

Here are free printable wall stencils of various types of flowers that you can paint either alone, in repeat patterns or mix and match with other stencil images. You can paint these in any combination such as yellow stars against a dark blue wall or stars in different colors according to your need and choice.
You can paint this flower on cushions, curtains, walls, bed-sheets, mirrors and even on furniture. Mix and match this stencil pattern with stencil of birds or butterflies that I am offering on this site.

Kid's clothes can also be painted with these stencils and these will give a cute touch to the furniture in your kid's room.

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