Beautifully simple, the green and gray minimalist color scheme provides a sense of harmony, finance, and safety throughout; communicating concise yet powerful notes for the reader.
Featuring a two column base design with soft blue and indigo, this serves up a clean fresh look on a traditional template. Perhaps customizing your resume with colors and the logo of your future employer is worth the work.
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Dhote’s information is laid out methodically which makes it easy to read while maintaining an exquisite silhouette. Clearly, his communication skills surpass the digital matrix, he speaks English, German and more. It’s well designed and the use of large typography separates his profile clearly making it easy to read. She effectively utilizes white space; displaying a creative application that ranges from starving artist to corporate boardroom. The logo and play of graphical elements displays his creativity and professionalism perfectly.

If you think we’ve missed any inspiring designs, let us know in the comments below – we are always happy to hear what you think!
The resume is in four different sections adding visual impact, and the selected color combination establishes consistency throughout.

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