My grandma had a weekly schedule which I jotted down in a journal – my mother rattled it off as quickly as my grandmother!! Mondays – Wash Clothes (by hand in sudsy water, ring it, rinse it, ring it, hang it outside to dry.
Wednesdays – Mend and work on new sewing projects (She sewed patches onto pants and mended socks.
Thursdays – Cleaning of bedrooms and bathrooms (They only had one car which was normal in those days. Do you have a role model who is a Proverbs 31 woman?  Tell us about her in the comments section! Anne, I know what you mean about finding more examples on the web than in actual real life!!
I just posted a blog about simpler times and how we need to tap back into that “vintage” mentality! Thanks so much for your ministry ?? Oh- and my best example of a Proverbs 31 wife would have to have been my Momma (although single most of my childhood- she always kept Jesus at the center). My grandmother also did all the things you listed as well as give what little she could to the homeless. One thing that is appealing to me about the 1950s homemaker is that she knew what to do when. My mother had a wringer washer into the early 1970s, so I am privileged to have used one first-hand.
Commenting Rules: I love hearing from my readers and welcome all comments, even from those who disagree with me. Most of us are well acquainted with Proverbs 3:5-7 and could probably recite it in our sleep. Remember how scared you were to take a breath or even a single step without His voice (through His Word) leading you?
As you read this post, I want you to keep Proverbs 3:5-7 in mind for it is the foundation of everything that will be written here.
In the previous post, I stated that I would share all the Scriptures that have been misused and misinterpreted by both camps in order to support their preferred method of schooling.
Regardless of how the Lord has led you to school your children; heartaches and trials abound for parents in both camps. Those who homeschool have the daunting task of choosing the right curriculum for each child, constantly practicing strong self-discipline as they plan lessons, grade work and test their children. Guilt can set in, and the enemy will lie to you repeatedly and cause you to question if you are even qualified to teach your children. To make matters worse, homeschool families are often looked at by non-believers and unfortunately, even believers, as the only socially awkward and educationally deficit children.
Even one of our family members and her children once told us: "You know your purposefully and willingly sending your children to the devil, right? Over the years, our family has suffered a barrage of unloving and thoughtless attacks by both Christians and those in the public school system; but sadly, mostly from Christians who homeschool.
The public school people would tell us to take our Christianity and our weird religious stances elsewhere.
When our oldest son, was only 13 years old and in the seventh grade, he felt led by God to start a radical, Christian Bible study club. The school had hoped it would be like some of the other "Christian" clubs that only had a few members who prayed for a few minutes or so and kept to themselves without involving other students on campus. Michael taught what practical, biblical living looked like for students his age and shared the Gospel every Friday (yes, they met every week, an hour before school started, and yes, all those kids showed up on their own, or begged parents to drive them). The school eventually took the staff sponsor away, which then made it illegal to have a club on campus.

This case, along with others was presented to our Governor Rick Perry, who put into law, protection for every student in secondary public schools, freedom to practice their faith without fear of a teacher's retribution, and were given the rights to hold religious clubs on campus with the same exact privileges and rights as the secular clubs on campus. It is often assumed by homeschooling parents that public schooling parents are not able to fulfill the mandate of Deuteronomy 6:5-9. Homeschooling your children does not guarantee they will be strong, faith-filled Christians either in your home, or when they leave your home.
Whether we homeschool or public school our children, is a matter that is between each of us and the LORD our God.
For the "gray" areas in our lives (like schooling our children), the passage below is a good one to consider before we decide to judge another based on our finite understanding of all things. CONTENT USE POLICY: You are permitted and encouraged to reproduce and redistribute the articles found on this site only if, you do not alter the wording, nor charge a fee. I loved it, short and to the point, i followed up by reading some of the book also, what an amazing blessing!
I am thankful for modern day conveniences and convicted of how often I have ignored my housework. I just want to say a huge thank you for what you’re doing here with this study on the Proverbs 31 Woman. My desire (and in perfect timing for this study!) is to not give in to those distractions and put my extra time into growing in the Word….wished it came easily every single day, but the little time I do turn away and run to Him- the more fulfilled I become! My grandma was the awesome house wife (raised 6 kids as a widow) but without the Lord- so I use both as my examples!
If one child is not doing well, then the fight to discern the truth of whether it was your lack of proper preparation and teaching or your child’s lack of desire to learn, begins. I mean, don't you know the devil owns the public school system?" My response was, "No, I hadn't heard that. Our Family, that is brothers and sisters in Christ, have repeatedly shot us with friendly fire, without even considering the heartaches, challenges and battles we were constantly engaged in with teachers, administrators and even other parents and students within the public school system. He did everything by the book; he received the Principal's permission and even had the Assistant Principal approach him asking if he could be the staff sponsor saying, "You're an answer to my prayers Michael.
But Michael's club grew beyond anyone's expectations with more than 50 members, other teachers and even parents attending.
That's when we took them to court and within three months Michael won his case against the school district and was ordered by the judge to immediately change their policy. It's also assumed by public schooling parents that homeschooling parents automatically do this.
Those two institutions are vital to a child's overall development, but standards, convictions, and moral strength should be implemented at home.
And public schooling your children does not guarantee your children will be powerful lights in a dark world. But I have to be honest – I have learnt more from the internet than from any life I have seen lived. My grandmother was a wonderfully selfless housewife and mother but my own mother is the opposite -i think resentful is unfortunately the word that best describes her house life and mothering style. To hear you speak of a woman who had it all makes me feel like it’s absolutely attainable! She grew up in the bush in Australia and where I grew up in a small town with her I recall her baking bread every saturday, having everything in order in the house, never a dirty item to be seen or a complaint to be heard from her.
My paternal grandmother is 94 and a retired kindergarten teacher who cared for her family, sewed and knitted and baked for all. I shared with my husband last night the clip of you and your husband speaking on the RR show, and your family has truly offered us very timely inspiration. When I think of a woman who lived with strength, character and virtue, my dear Grammy is certainly my role model and inspiration.

I’m a pilots wife and I have recently been asked how can a pilots wife can be a P31 wife.
One of the disciplines I hope to carve out through doing this study every day is at least a scheduled start to my day each morning ?? My boys are eating breakfast and playing with their trucks, so I have a little time to get it all together! Yes, the freedom to make those choices and decisions is good, but it brings its own stress. But, yes, I knew how to put them through the wringer, then fill the tub for rinsing, run it again, and then wring it again.
Trust me, our sons have been public schooled most of their lives and we've witnessed many socially awkward and educationally deficit children in public schools. From what little I understand about God, it seems He owns everything here on earth and in Heaven and for a time, He's allowed Satan to "rule" here.
This frustrated the school as they repeatedly had to move his club to larger rooms to accommodate all who came. Instead, we all ought to appreciate the battle we are all in and pray for one another and encourage each other in the direction in which God has led each family instead of trying to convince others that their ways are right or better.
Her God and her family were of prime importance and her daily priorities show this to be true. Maybe I’d be better at this home-management thing, if I had a good example to follow?
We’re a young married couple with a 19-month-old daughter and hopes for another one on the way, and it can be a challenging stage of life at times. I think the start is key, and I’ve been getting up before my little guys the past couple mornings, and that’s made a big difference!
As a matter of fact, I know numerous homeschooling parents who do not diligently adhere to this mandate because they take for granted that the homeschool curriculum will teach their children any Scriptural truth they need to know.
31:17), she watched over the affairs of her household and did not eat the bread of idleness (Prov.
She looked after my father and his sister until the day she died, at 83 years of age, even though my father had a family of his own -but you might mot want to mention that to my mother, lol, she could nev understand it.
I don’t think it should be legalistic, but we should model the right example to the world and to our family.
My husband and I realized after hearing you speak that most of our fights ARE over power struggles between us both wanting to control things that aren’t outlined by God as our areas of concern in the home!
We did get a clothes dryer to help when my younger brother was in diapers (cloth, of course) and it was hard to get them dry in the winter. And thus are shocked when their children get out into the world, and end up as much of a mess as public schooled children. But seeing all this online and reading God’s word has taught me how to have joy through it all. I have felt bad at times in the past of going out to eat on Sunday while someone had to work and serve me instead of having time off for rest.
We are anxious and excited to see God’s hand of blessing upon our family this summer as we both embark to embrace a home that is led by a man and woman of Godly character. How to love the kids and be a strong wife – that both are just as vital and that I am able to be a homemaker and proud of it. I’ll be passing along to him the passages you mentioned from 1 Timothy, but if you or your husband can recommend any specific book studies or guides that would be helpful then we’d love to hear about them! What fun it would be to take some food to the park or eat with another family in the home instead of going to a restaurant!

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