You can add me on Facebook and view much more of my daily work, and read feedback from the actual clients themselves.
Call or Text (I'm usually working, so I prefer texting) for more info or to schedule a consult meeting, usually held at the local coffee shop less than a block from the studio. Selling a great set of soprano 6 stripe clay composite chips plus a professional chip carrying case. We are renovating our home office, and looking to get rid of some of the stuff we currently have in there.

Some really great typography, I think type is the hardest type of design to tattoo and to make look good.
If you want to go for a nostalgic feel for your tattoo, then ask your artist about archetypal tattoo fonts.
I believe people must see wide collection of tattoos before selecting one as, it is a permanent one.
Tattoo designs are in various forms and patterns and hopefully you’ll share more in the future.

And despite what sort of design you specialize in, I think these are all very inspirational.
I also personally find a lot of inspiration from the different artists illustrative styles, there different shading techniques, etc.

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