Life is led by action and not words but the latter do have a say in what we do and how we do.
If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Music Quotes About Life, Famous Music Quotes, Quotes About Music And Life and Seashell Pictures. This quote speaks about the virtue of helping others and highlights the fact that one loses nothing by doing so.
The wit and wisdom of the British Prime Minister shines in this quote that takes a dig at the ridiculously obnoxious mindset of fanatics.
This quote asks us to be helpful and charitable towards others through our words and deeds.
David Frost says that success comes automatically to those who love what they do and believe in it. The great philosopher talks about the significance of reading, writing and speaking and their respective benefits. This quote from President Harry S Truman is a tribute to the brave hearts who fight and sacrifice their lives for the good of the nation. A leader shines in crisis and has the ability to take his ship to its destination even if he has to sail through troubled waters; the quote puts forth this very thought. This quote sheds light on the pursuit of happiness and likens it to chasing a butterfly that will never come into your hands. A happy life consists of good deeds, love and hope; this is the message of the enlightening quote.
Katherine Francke underlines the worth of kind words by drawing a beautiful effective similarity.

This quote says that a failure fails to be a failure if we transform it into an opportunity and make a fresh start. It is said that a task becomes easier if we persist but the truth is trying improves our capacity and the work gets done. Success may or may not come to you but if your performance is worthy and you have given your best, nothing else matters. To achieve something big, one has to take risks; this is the underlying idea behind the quote. Intelligent quote that asks us to be aware of dangers that can cause harm to us, whether invited or not invited. This quote of Martin Luther King entreats us to love even those who hate us because that is the only solution to blissful survival. Insightful quote that highlights the importance of thoughtful action because our future depends on it.
When a person is in love, time loses its relevance and one’s whole existence turns into celebration. If you want to die peacefully, make sure your life is as clean as possible because it flashes before your eyes when death is imminent. The great Sufi poet articulates his philosophy on peace through this quote that has a superb healing touch. One must always guard one’s conduct and though it may not ensure respect, one is sure to be never disrespected. Take challenges and prove yourself; nothing is as satisfying and victorious as this feeling.

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Some people just want to read them as the golden words and thoughts give them peace of mind. It tells us to harbor an optimistic attitude which is the remedy to all negativity in life.
Just to think that there’s a lot of things to happen that may come from the imagination.
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Quotes of great people also form an integral part of our growing up experience and we hear them in our school assemblies. Newspapers and magazines also bring their own doses of cool quotes that are worth quoting on different occasions. It means changing the quality of your life.Daisaku Ikeda (born 1928) Japanese philosopher, Buddhist leader, author, poet, educator, pacifist~ The person who tries to live alone will not succeed as a human being. You must first set yourself on fire.Fred Shero (1925-1990) Canadian professional ice-hockey player, coach, general manager~ The men who succeed are the efficient few. Congregationalist clergyman, social reformer, slavery abolitionist~ Success isna€™t where you get to.

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