It says something about me that two of my favorite Gorka songs, occurring back-to-back on the 1994 album Out of the Valley, explore the dark side of Johna€™s psyche. The first is a€?Bigtime Lonesome.a€? It describes the pulling apart of a couple in which the woman, unsatisfied with her wandering partner (John, himself?), sends him packing when he proposes. The emotional terrain was all too familiar when I first heard it and, though life has been good -- Ia€™ve been gifted with a loving, solid marriage -- the darkness still calls to me.
Johna€™s dark, comedic sense shines on two other songs on the album, a€?Mystery to Mea€? and a€?Up Until Then.a€? Here we encounter his trademark sarcasm and laser-sharp perception of human foibles. John soldiered through his Fast Folk Cafe performance and the cafe survived for another four years until the lease ran out (giving the landlord the opportunity to charge higher rent to a carpet store -- also now defunct). In it, Gluck quotes Jennie Esposito, who ran the folk group: a€?Jennie Esposito remembers her first encounter with John Gorka. At some point, after graduating from college, he lived in the basement of Godfrey Daniels for a few months. When his first recording came out, his voice had a deeper sound, similar to that of Stan Rogers. I mentioned to John that he shows a great amount of empathy in his songs and asked how it developed and if the Fast Folk experience enlarged upon that.
When I asked about some memorable experiences during this time, John recalled: a€?I remember singing on a tabletop with Shawn Colvin at the first Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in 1988.
Novelist and short story writer Richard Ford, a Pulitzer Prize winner, was a new name to this author. The album Jacka€™s Crows was released in 1991, and the title track caused some speculation among some of us who thought it might be about attendees of Jack Hardya€™s song swap and their sharp critiques.
His 2006 CD Writing in the Margins included themes that strike deep into the heart on both a national and personal level. The album also contains a cover of one of his favorite Stan Rogers songs, a€?The Lock Keeper,a€? an eloquent musing on the sacredness of home life.
STARTS June 22nd, 2016 | COST $69 | REGISTER HERE for SHAME-less What is hidden in your life that is keeping your from living a full life?
Do you live with shame or guilt, hiding who you are and what is really going on in your life?
In this 6-week, online video course, starting June 22nd, 2016 you will hear from our in-house life experts and psychotherapist. After keeping her own secret for 18 years, Kirsty Spraggon will share her own experiences and life lessons. This Course, Web Site & its Content (including any information provided by users) is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to replace or substitute for any professional financial, medical, legal, or other advice. I’ve designed a 6-week online course on releasing shame and secrets where journalling is a huge part of the healing process.
Bringing art to your journaling is a great way to bypass the brain, bringing a lot of joy and a vision of something new that we’ve created for ourselves. I highly recommend that everyone get a journal and find a way to incorporate that into their healing process.
Angela has been a celebrity fitness trainer and nutritionist in Hollywood to Tom Cruise, Katie Couric, and Jimmy Buffet among many others. The greatest gift in this experience for me was knowing that I wanted to be safe in my relationship and knowing what that really meant to me.
If there is anyone in your life that is treating you bad, whether it is a partner, family member, friend, or boss, find your voice and do not allow it anymore.
Mental Health and Janine’s Life-Long Struggles and Successes Mental health issues is something that my guest, Janine Francolini struggled with for years. The post Mental Health – Her Suicide and Eating Disorder Battle appeared first on KirstyTV Talkshow. Her mental health continued to suffer into her late teens when she describes her first suicidal attempt. Janine delves deeper and tells us about her trials with an eating disorder and also about her successes. As I do of all my guests, I ask Janine what has been the greatest gift from her experience with mental illness.
If she were speaking to someone who was contemplating suicide, she would try to connect with them. Positive Thoughts Disarm Negative People It was the night before a big conference in Los Angeles and I ended up at a dinner where I met a guy who was just what we call a little bit of a “negative Nancy”. One of my favorite mantras is on the bracelet that reads, ‘Oh the places you’ll go!’ which is actually the title of the Dr. I remember once, after speaking at a conference, hearing from a lady who told me that this mantra changed her life.
What is the mantra that you could use that comforts you or the inspiring phrase that you need to move forward in your life? When I came across Mantraband, I discovered that they have hundreds of different mantras already made, at such an affordable price! Something I’ve always done is reward myself for hitting major milestones and goals along the way.
Last year, as some of you know, I shared a secret on the Tedx world-stage, so I bought myself a ring that I call my “Courage Ring”. Affirmations are something that most of us are familiar with or have heard of at some point or another. Understanding Grief and Dealing With Death I’m a big believer in self-help, learning, and growing.
The post Grief – 3 Things You Should Know About The Grieving Process appeared first on KirstyTV Talkshow. The post Chase Your Dreams – Motivational Speaker, Kirsty Spraggon appeared first on KirstyTV Talkshow. Maya Angelou says, “I wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now.” Without those downs and hard days, I don’t think we truly appreciate the ups and the great days. As featured in TEDx, Fox Business, Women’s Health, The Huffington Post, Forbes, and The Today Show. The best keynote speaker for your convention or event, Kirsty speaks all over the world on inspirational and motivational topics including: How to live your best life, achieve your dreams and succeed as an entrepreneur. Sam Cawthorn, Author of Bouncing Forward, was one of those guests that shared this insight, “I think everything is choice—everything is choice! Pamela Burrus who lost her husband also shared this philosophy of having to move forward in life and accept that things were never going to go back to how they were. Mia Schaikewitz who is in a wheelchair, also shared this philosophy of bouncing forward in life.
WATCH: Below is a list of the videos on the marathon schedule, but by all means, watch them in any order and watch any of the videos on our KirstyTV YouTube channel. Joe cures himself of chronic disease, loses 100 lbs by juicing. See the before and after photos! This year, my sales buddies helped keep me accountable to making 7 sales calls a day, 5 days a week. Not only that, but following up with them on the things we discussed during our initial sales call was taking me an additional half hour to an hour. Also remember that you can’t make an impression if you are coming from a place of depression, flatness, or fear!
Another great thing to do to start off the conversation is ask, “Have I caught you at a good time?” before you launch into things. Overcoming Adversity by Finding the Gifts  Today I want to talk about one of my favorite things that come up in my interviews on KirstyTV.
It was quite incredible because some of the things that my guests have been through were really dark. Overcoming Fear Can Feel Like Climbing Mount Everest Did you ever start to think, I don’t know that I can do this?
It wasn’t until that experience that the quote, ‘It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.’ by Sir Edmund Hillary really sunk in.
The post STD Talk – He Gave Me The Courage Talk About My STD appeared first on KirstyTV Talkshow.
Hea€™s the one who gets it better than everybody else, and delivers it in a voice so rich, it makes Pavarotti weep.
The voices and names poured out of the speakers: Greg Brown, Shawn Colvin, Cliff Eberhardt, Lucy Kaplansky and a€¦ John Gorka. An online description states that a€?he got his first guitar as a Christmas gift, but it was taken by his older brother soon afterward.a€? It makes his brother sound selfish, but the full story is different. As he describes it: a€?My first banjo books were Earl Scruggs and the 5-String Banjo which also had a companion record album, and was very helpful.
He says that Stan made an impact on him and that he inadvertently absorbed Stana€™s vocal style.

He learned about Jacka€™s New York song swap group and the principle that you could improve as a songwriter by writing one song per week and playing it for the group, whose attendees would give feedback.
He replied: a€?I know people started taking notice of my songs when I started to write about the neighborhood around Godfrey Daniels and some of the local characters. It had started to pour rain and everyone moved into the ski lodge (the festival was held at the Catamount Ski Area). In the beginning there was a€?I saw a Stranger with Your Hair.a€? Ita€™s on his first album, I Know and is listed as one of the tracks on the first Fast Folk Musical Magazine recording. A ship is passing through the lock and the sailor exhorts the lock keeper to free himself and follow him. However, there are elements that prevent his work from getting old: mastery of language and the ingenious way he combines phrases. For most people, there is shame and self-judgment lurking in the subconscious corners of our minds. If you have any of these secrets or any other secret, this course is about how we do our work. She will also share her work with other men and women who discovered the transformational power of living in truth. The Company Entities and Individuals make no representations or warranties and expressly disclaim any and all liability concerning any treatment or action by any person following the information offered or provided within or through the Course, Web Site & its Content.
She is also a survivor of domestic abuse and has bravely shared her story in order to erase shame and stigma and assist others with knowing there is a way out. It’s recognizing that sometimes we get caught up in the drama of it all and we start almost liking this cycle. She had to take on the role of comforter to herself and turn off his voice in her head that controlled her. We will be sharing inspirational stories from everyday people, celebrities and experts every week. In her mid teens, this developed into an eating disorder and by 17 years old, she was hospitalized after her first suicidal attempt. Having been left untreated, her stress levels increased over time leading to extreme anxiety.
If you’re dealing with mental health, if you’re suffering from suicidal thoughts or an eating disorder, reach out. We need to barrow a little bit of courage, wear one of our bracelets and get ourselves thinking positively and being empowered. Is there a quote that helps motivate you and empowers you to reach your goals that you would like to see and be reminded of each day on your wrist? I saw an image of 5 or 10 of the beautiful mantras on the pretty bracelets and just thought, wow, this is a great gift for me! It’s really important, guys, that if you’re setting huge, audacious goals, that you reward yourself for those milestones along the way. Every time I look at that piece of jewelry, it reminds me of how far I’ve come, what I did, and how brave I was. One of my favorites is, ‘Everything happens for a reason.’ It speaks to me because that is what KirstyTV is all about! She sits with people at the end of their life and tells us the key things she’s learned about end of life and grief. She found a way to move forward in her life and found understanding in the grieving process. And instead of wanting to go back to where it was, think about how amazing your future can be and go and move forward. That means, getting on the phone, making 7 sales calls a day, religiously for 5 days a week. These are some of the things that came up about making sales calls that I want to share with you so that you can be successful. It’s something that initially surprised me quite a bit; that all my guests, no matter how much trauma they’ve been through, were able to overcome adversity and now see their tragedy as a gift. Petra, for example, a victim of human trafficking and raped by over 40 men for 3 days, shared with me that she had to change they way she felt about it.
She is easy to work with on and off the platform and will be a fabulous contribution to your next event or convention.
In terms of relationships, our truths are a great filter for people who are not worthy of our love.
Much of what was played was generously sprinkled with a€?graduatesa€? of the Fast Folk Musical Magazine stable of discoveries. He states: a€?I knew I wanted to be a writer before I knew that music was going to be the route Ia€™d take. Ita€™s fun to contemplate what kind of impact the big baritone of this newcomer musta€™ve made on audiences back then.
At Jacka€™s urging, he moved to New York and became one of the Fast Folk Musical Magazinea€™s greatest co-operating musicians, and one of its more well-known a€?graduates.a€? Emusic lists John as being a contributor on 14 of the Fast Folk Musical Magazine recordings. Wea€™re witness to a perfect marriage of melody to words and, of course, that astonishing instrument, his voice.
In the songs Ia€™m talking about, there is a melancholy so pure, so true to the human experience, it brings tears to your eyes with the expression of its stinging light. Much of what was played was generously sprinkled with a€?graduatesa€? of the Fast Folk Musical Magazine stable of discoveries.A  A lot of them had played at the Speakeasy, a Greenwich Village venue on MacDougal Street.
It seemed that my songs sounded better to me than the versions of other peoplea€™s songs that I was trying to learn.
At Jacka€™s urging, he moved to New York and became one of the Fast Folk Musical Magazinea€™s greatest co-operating musicians, and one of its more well-known a€?graduates.a€?A  Emusic lists John as being a contributor on 14 of the Fast Folk Musical Magazine recordings. Join Kirsty & life experts and a psychotherapist plus have access to a private online community as we embark on a 6 week journey to find your freedom from your secrets, shame, and stigma.
Join Kirsty & life experts and a psychotherapist plus have access to a private online community as we embark on a 6 week journey to find your freedom from your secrets, shame, and stigma. This 6-week online course is designed to help people do their self work. You will feel freer and lighter than you have in years, and your way of thinking and feeling about yourself will be transformed. Our most important work, healing, self awareness, personal development and spiritual growth. Can’t we forget about them or do they come back and affect our lives in different ways over time? Together, Kirsty and her friends will discuss the lasting impact that secrets, shame and stigma can have on us, and how we can move forward into a life of truth and freedom. If you have specific concerns or a situation in which you require professional or medical advice, you should consult with an appropriately trained and qualified specialist. Journaling is the initial stepping stone to trusting ourselves which is absolutely necessary in sharing anything.
Going back to read about the milestones we’ve hit is a great way to stay present to the journey of our life. She met him on the beach in California and within 9 weeks, she was living in New York and they were married.
Immediately, he made the physical abuse her fault, to which she took responsibility for and begged for forgiveness. I thought nobody is ever going to find me.” He isolated her, so she felt she had nobody to call for help. Watch to hear from people like you and me who’ve overcome the stigma associated with mental health. I was always thinking about suicide, not sleeping… I don’t know how I functioned.” She planned her suicide for months and tells us how it consumed her thoughts, “It’s a little scary that it was so easy and calm. Since the pregnancy I never weigh myself.” We talk about relapses and what alerts her that she may be having unhealthy thoughts. Just as we need to spend time on our relationships with others (whether they be romantic or work related), we need to invest in ourselves and our mental health. The next day, I’m in my bathroom, getting ready and I’m thinking to myself, how do I get rid of the negativity from this guy?
One of our philosophies and one of the things that my guests say, time and time again, no matter how much adversity they’ve been through is that everything happens for a reason.
What struck me is how a simple, one liner, can be so comforting so someone in their time of need. I love their elegance, I love their colors, I love the rose gold (they have gold and silver as well).
Mantrabands are a wonderful way to look back on a memory and remember all that you have achieved.
Affirmations are affective when we say a positive thought or belief over and over again to affirm it and anchor it into our brain so it sticks. It’s the essence of what my guests believe; that when tragedy or adversity strike (that for them), there’s always been a gift in it.

We are never really prepared for the loss of a loved one, but we can learn about grief from people like my guests who have learned valuable wisdom after having lost a loved one. But often when something tragic happens, such as disability, trauma, loss of a partner, and grief, people wish for their “old life” back. I think every single person has those moments where they’re in the dark and they don’t see the light. Thank you for being a viewer, supporter, friend, and for spreading the healing stories that our guests share on KirstyTV! I could barely keep up with the amount of work that was generated and was spending an average of 30 minutes per sales call.
To pick up the phone, make your sales calls, to not just meet people and network, but to go back to those people months later and follow up. They saw it as something beautiful that happened in their life that made them who they are today. And as many of you know now, I’ve since shared that I have an STD (herpes), but at that time I hadn’t come out. For a long time I called it, “X” because I felt so dirty and was afraid of the stigma attached to herpes. At around 1996, when I realized that I didna€™t have the tools to be a performing songwriter, I figured I might be happy singing Gorka covers for the rest of my life as a music feature at poetry readings. I had already started playing banjo and loved Scruggs style and the melodic style, as well as clawhammer and Seeger styles. Ita€™s there in his song a€?Thata€™s How Legends are Made,a€? written about the great Canadian folk singer, the late Stan Rogers and his brother, Garnet. Among the many John learned from he cites, a€?to name a few,a€? Claudia Schmidt, Roselie Sorrels and Dave Van Ronk.
There are two instrumentals on the album, a€?Fret Onea€? and a€?Fret Not.a€? Recording in his home studio allowed John to explore the sheer joy of letting an instrument do the singing. When that closed in 1992, Fast Folka€™s founder, Jack Hardy, looked for two years and found a space in TriBeCa to provide a listener-friendly place to play. Ita€™s there in his song a€?Thata€™s How Legends are Made,a€?A  written about the great Canadian folk singer, the late Stan Rogers and his brother, Garnet. How do we learn to love and accept ourselves, so that we get to a place where we feel others will accept us too, so that we can live our best life?
Even though I am not the best artist in the world, I have so much fun journaling with my girlfriends and with the process. Angela didn’t see any signs of physical abuse, mental abuse or emotional abuse in that short time.
They share their turning points, lessons, the gifts that came from their hardships and what they do to stay in a healthy state of mind. When she’s having those, “I’m so fat” thoughts she talks to her friends about it and she talks to herself about it.
Do your self work, figure out what your triggers are and figure out how you can be healthy, happy, whole and move forward.
I absolutely love the idea of engraving jewelry and having something that you wear on you that has personal meaning. Something I think about at the end of a presentation, at the end of a pitch, and at the end of a networking opportunity. Time and time again, my guests share that what helped them move past their hardships was not yearning for their past life, but bouncing forward toward the future. Who could believe that these busy business people wanted to spend 30 minutes chatting with me on the phone! I knew when I had a guest on KirstyTV that shared their STD story, that that was going to be the thing that cracked me open and broke me down.
And now I tell people at the luggage carousel, at the mall, on a weekly basis in all sorts of places.
When I started to try songwriting I realized that through music I could express more than I could through words alone.
We listened to the radio growing up and I loved the Beatles and Elvis but didna€™t really think that I would ever do music for a living. When he headed out on tour, taking his songs and big voice out on the road, some of those hea€™d opened for, opened doors for him.
The song, a€?Ignorance and Privilege,a€? was sparked by Molly Ivinsa€™ remark about George W. I wrote a€?Ia€™m From New Jerseya€? after reading his book The Sportswriter.A  I admire the poets for their ability to sing with words alone. Foojan Zeine, Psychotherapist and International Author & Speaker, to get answers to these questions. My roommate and I use to make a night of it; lighting candles, bringing out the water colors and art supplies, making it a special time. He would control her, physically abuse her and then apologize, telling her it wouldn’t happen again.
She confesses, “I have to be honest; the past five years… it’s been hard work to stay on top of it [mental health]. She goes on to say, “The bottom line here is that I can’t go to these dark places of helping advocate for people in prison or people with serious mental illness or homelessness when my light isn’t turned on.
I had my bracelets on and I just had this sort of Wonder Woman moment, crossing my arms—POW! It means the world to me to have Ken in LA, to meet him face-to-face and to have another opportunity to share his story to more people. When I sing them, in my head to myself, they roll in, one after another in an almost endless chain, then loop around and start repeating. I got a guitar for Christmas, but my hands were too small and the strings were too far from the fretboard so my brother took it and carved his name in it. Whenever I’m having a real tough time and I’m down in the dumps, I pick up the book and I read it and it reminds me that it’s all okay.
Let us know what it is that you do to reward yourself or remind yourself of all it is that you’ve achieved.
The problem is that on an average day, we’re saying thousands of negative things inside our head most of the time, to ourselves. And then when it’s out, it’s like a child; you love it, you’ve forgotten all about the pain, and you’re ready to have another one.
I learned quite a few chords from my brother and he was very generous in lending me songbooks and knows a lot about music.
A year later, Jack headed back out on the road to get back to his career and left the cafe in the hands of volunteers. I don’t think I really would’ve known what that would’ve looked like had I not gone through that relationship. That’s … wow…” Looking back, adult Janine would tell her teen-self not to hide her feelings and worries. She checks in with herself moment to moment, just as someone might have to be aware of their blood sugar if they have diabetes.
Often I’m spending 20 – 40 minutes on the phone because we are spending the time connecting on something that we did the time before. John states in an interview I found online: a€?People were sitting around the front room passing around a guitar.
He slapped me across the face for no reason.” She took the blame and justified his actions by telling herself that if she were better, it would stop, but it only progressed and got worse.
It can be hard, but most of the time, there are certainly more ups than downs when you chase your dreams. I’ll lead in with that and then I’ll reconnect, asking them about this year and current events in their lives to figure out how I can add value. I think about the book, I think about the wisdom, and I’m reminded of all those beautiful, empowering messages.
It takes you answering for yourself, what are those good things, what are those positive anchors that you want to program for yourself? I have to remind myself to be more present, to be more grounded, to think about what my intention is for the day.
He hesitated between songs, appearing to try out a new persona, a€?the slow guy.a€? This brilliant performer haltingly spoke his song introductions, causing Lucy to look at him quizzically. Hea€™ll listen to the names of songs and respond, a€?I recognize those names as songs Ia€™ve writtena€¦a€? In other words, a€?there are too many to sing, and Ia€™ll do the ones I want to do.a€? Ita€™s an unusual audience member who goes away unsatisfied.

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